[Day 13] The Key to Building Your Website without Breaking the Bank

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Did you know you have just four seconds to convince visitors you’ve landed on your website to actually stick around?

That’s not much time at all to give them a reason to stay and find out more about you, what you offer and more importantly why that matters to them.

Think of your favourite websites and what it is that they do well that make you want to come back regularly, interact with them and even buy their stuff.

Day 13 The Key to building your website without breaking the bank

Some of my favorites are Think Traffic for their beautiful clear cut modern design that immediately tells you what they do (focus on curating the best resources to help you grow your site), why that matters and where to click to join, or buy from them.

While you’re at it read my guest post on their blog Focus! The Ultimate Guide to Finding Laser-Like Focus in Your Online Business as it will help with Act 2 and what we cover.

Another great site with a completely different theme is that of Gala Darling who talks about radical self love. You can see it has a very artsy theme and has lots of clean white space but lots of personality and colour too to suit Gala’s personality.

How do you build a website that attracts and converts like crazy?

Well I have to be honest here and tell you this won’t happen over night like Pantene says for your hair, but it will happen.

The more time you spend learning about website principles, the more effort you put into to applying what you’ve learned, and the more money you spend over time, the more awesome your website and blog will become.

When I started out I spent all of $100 on a design by a friend that worked for me while I figured out what the heck I was actually trying to do online and how to blog.

Then I bought a package through a website firm that was ridiculously affordable at $350 and that looked great at the time. It made a big difference to my visitors sticking around as it looked like I was taking myself more seriously (and I was) so they did too.

To my most recent design that cost several thousands of dollars and has paid it back in dividends to me, but at the time was a big leap in terms of investment.

Define your key objective for your website or blog.

Is it to buy from you, join your email list, or contact you to learn more or enquire about your services?

Relate this back to your niche  and business model that you’ve been working defining or refining during Day 10 when you looked at the 3 ways to make money online and Day 11 about choosing the right business model for you,.

Combine that with who you want to serve with your USP (unique special proposition from Day 12) and the work you put into understand what makes you stand out online and you’re off and running!

Gala Darling homepage

Five essential elements every website needs:

1. An effective design but at the minimum a header/banner that tells people exactly what you do

2. A clear call to action – such as click for a free consultation, join my community, get your free book

3. Lots of white space – to not overload people’s eyes and direct them where you need to

4. Summary of your USP (unique selling proposition) – yep that one you just worked on!

5. Contact page – even though some people disagree I find this invaluable for understanding who’s visiting your site and deepening your connections with them.

I’d have to say that a sixth element is that you need to install Google Analytics on your site – it’s free and without it you will have no idea who the heck is visiting your site or blog, what they’re searching for, where they’re from, what content they like most and so much more.

So the next question is with all this in mind. how do you do all this and not break your piggy bank?

The great news is that gone are the days of $20,000-50,000 website designs and having your complex back end built on a powerful yet expensive platform or software.

In fact you may not even need a full website depending on what you’re wanting to achieve. These days you may be just as effective in building your online presence with a landing page that converts.

Simply put this is a page that people land on that directs them to take action. Back in the old days they used to be those terrible pages with big yellow or red arrows, red font titles and screeds of highlighted text to sell you something.

These days they’re beautifully designed and optimized templates that you can easily insert your own headlines and content into, even videos to get people to take action in one way or the other.

Three Key Tools to build beautiful landing pages and websites

  • WordPress – yep that tool that you may already be using to write your blog works pretty effectively to build your website. It’s what mine is built on and what you can build yours on too. You can have as many Pages as you want as well as your blog. You can also swap out your existing theme to change the look and feel of your blog completely. I like to think of WordPress as your body and the design theme you choose as the clothes you put on it to dress it up.

  • LeadPages™ was designed to help you build your audience, build your list and make more sales with video. It’s the easiest way to create beautiful landing pages, launch pages, sales pages and squeeze pages for your website that actually convert. It’s just $197 and you then install this plugin on your WordPress site. You login to their website and choose from a great range of templates you may need to use and literally type in headlines and content into their predesigned and optimized templates. Then you simply publish that directly on your site – no kidding this can be done in around 5 minutes. Here’s an example of mine.

  • Optimize Press allows you to set up fully customized squeeze pages, landing pages and video optins but more importantly create and manage membership sites, all from within your existing WordPress site. It’s pretty amazing since they upgraded to version 3.0 in July. I’m now running my site on the new version and I can literally create landing pages and make them look prettier from within WordPress simply by clicking on a tab within my pages or blog posts to add in sales buttons, testimonial boxes, feature boxes and more.

Both of these two options allow you to attract an audience, increase opt-in’s, convert traffic and avoid tech challenges – I love the way these tools are making it easier to have great looking and high converting pages and websites without all the hassle and understanding of coding and programming.

Day 13 Blog Challenge to accept in 3 easy steps

1. Write a response blog post to this question:

What three things would you most like your website to have and how will you go about getting them?

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What’s next in the 30 Day Blog Challenge?

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