[Day 10] The Three Main Ways to Make Money Online

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Day 10 three main ways to make money online

When you’re new to the online business world, it can be difficult to figure out what ways you can make money that don’t seem scammy to you or out of line with your values.

You usually want to start earning revenue as soon as possible too that are based on your personality, interests, and passions.

Janine Ogg, the lovely entrepreneur that inspired this video, wanted to know how to strike the perfect balance between income streams based on passion and income streams that are more passive, like advertising and sponsorships.

With all three of the ways that I’ll discuss in this video, there is one goal that you need to strive for, and that’s becoming a mediapreneur, which you’ll learn about.

Three ways to make money online

In chapter 5 of my book, I talk about how to build an online business for your suitcase entrepreneur lifestyle, including how much it will cost, finding your sweet spot, and the nuts and bolts of each way to make money online.

I also discuss the six steps to building your online business, one of which includes filling out your one page business plan.

So if you really want to make this location independent business work, fill out the one page business plan to start and use this video to figure out what revenue models will work best for you.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • What it really takes to become an effective mediapreneur that people trust
  • What one requirement is absolutely crucial when creating your own products
  • What will make or break your ability to be an affiliate marketer
  • How many forms of revenue you should have in your business
  • Two questions you need to ask yourself to choose your revenue model

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