How To Sell All Your Stuff, Live In A Campervan And Change The World

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Rebecca Tracey Rock Climbing

Oh hi.

I’m Becca. I live in a van. And I’m changing the world.

Sometime late in 2011, after a year of being unemployed and many years of trying to figure out exactly what I was meant to do with my life, I decided it was time to make a big move. Time to shake it up (even more than usual). Time to really start living like I meant it.

So I sold everything I owned, bought a campervan with my boyfriend, and took off on an 8 month rock climbing roadtrip.

Rebecca Tracey Rock Climbing

The best part? I decided to start a business at the exact same time, and now I run my biz while (literally) swinging in hammocks, hanging off cliffs, and driving around the country. 

Back up just a few years. After graduation from University, having no desire to get a real job or go back for more school, I took off on a 9 month adventure backpacking around Australia and New Zealand. When that came to an end, still restless and craving more exploration, I took a job teaching English in Korea for a year. And of course, once that contract finished up, I was so close to South East Asia that it would have been silly for me NOT go to for a visit. So I packed my bags and headed out for another few months.

After over 2 years of traveling and always being on the road, I figured I had better go back to Canada at some point. I bought a one-way ticket from Thailand to Vancouver, and tried to settle down on the west coast.

And, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, I didn’t last long there.

Long story made incredibly short, after many years of searching and trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, I ended up in Toronto studying holistic nutrition. And what I learned about myself through that program was that I loved working with people to change their lives, but wanted to leave the fine-tooth meal combing to someone else.

So I ditched nutrition and delved full on into life coaching.

Overall, my life has been full of freedom, adventure, and indulgence. I always believed that being happy was more important than being rich, so I scraped by and made sure to pack my schedule with endless adventures. I KNEW that it was in my power to continue to create my life in a way that fulfilled me, and I wanted to help other people do the same.

When Natalie asked me to write a post about creating change in the world to go along with the $100 Change Program, I had to stop and ask myself “How am I, with this seemingly selfish lifestyle, vagabonding around the world doing what I love most, creating change in the world?”

I mean, I know that the work I do as a life-switch coach is inspiring. It’s good work that we need more of in the world.

But how am I, aside from my career choice, acting as a change agent in this big crazy world?

Here’s how: I’m living it. I’m walking my talk. I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing with my life.

And I’m not just doing it for me.

My life, my leadership, my willingness to say screw the rules and live on my own terms – it gives you permission to do the same.

By stepping into the power of who you really are and what you really want, you create space for those around you to expand their realm of possibility as well.

And that’s where change happens. It starts within you. And it radiates out to everyone you meet, everyone who sees what you’re up to and declares “THAT! That is what I want for myself”.

Your impact on the world is greater than you could ever imagine, and the good news is that all you have to do to begin changing the world, is to start with stepping into your own leadership.

And the best part? This doesn’t cost a thing.

If you’re sitting here thinking “Sounds great Becca, but I’m not really out there living my dream. How can I have the impact I want to have, right now, without having to make a major life switch?”

The truth is, you are doing it right now. Who you are, in this moment, is enough. You have an impact, and you have already started to change the world.

Want to know exactly what your superpower world-healing strengths are?

Here’s how:

1. Create a survey (Google docs or SurveyMonkey are great for this! Or a plain ol’ email will do just fine) asking two simple questions:

What impact have I had on you and your life?

What do you most admire about me?

2. Send it to at least 25 of your closest friends and family.

3. Await the responses, and bask in the joy of learning about how much you matter to the world.

When you start to own your life, your journey, and your purpose, others can’t help but be inspired to begin to own theirs.

Here’s to each and every one of us being change leaders in the world, NOW.

xx becca

About the author: I’m Rebecca Tracey of As a Life-Switch Coach + Professional Adventure Instigator, I help freedom-seeking fanatics bust out of their self-imposed cages and create lives + careers that cheerfully defy conventional logic. Ready to take your top-secret, rule-bending, crazy-town dream—and lay out a plan, to bring it to life? Let’s tell your excuses to suck it. Together.



  • This is a great way to live, that few can accomplish I believe.

    Personally with no dependents though, it’s on my radar. Freedom is what’s best in life!

    • Yes you should definitely do it now while you’re freer than most. It takes guts and courage to live this lifestyle too.

      • Thanks Natalie. It does take a lot of guts. Lately, I’ve finally got it “really good”, and question the added value uprooting will provide at this particular moment.
        It’s a daily topic of struggle to say the least!

        • I totally hear that. I think there’s a time and place to be nomadic as it’s definitely not as easy as people think!

    • RebeccaTracey

      Thanks Jeff! Though I don’t agree that few ca live it. Life on the road has taught me that it’s really a choice. I’ve met couples young and old, families, singles. If you want it enough, you find a way to make it happen! And ditto what Natalie said – it takes guts and courage, but it’s TOTALLY doable if you give it everything you’ve got.

      • Thanks Rebecca. I agree it’s really a choice. Personally , I can do it. Perhaps it’s the company I keep, but many I see and read about are barely keeping above water. Albeit, these are due to past previous choices they made both financially and mentally. I don’t think this is even appealing to most.

        This leaves more opportunity for the rest of us!

  • Bill Summer

    That’s a great idea. The survey monkey questionaire. Great article. BTW, signed up for the $100 Change program this afternoon. Looking forward to WDS next year as well. Cheers, Bill. 😀

    • Wohoo. Welcome Bill, so excited you’re on board. The survey monkey questionnaire is something I also get my clients to do. So important to ask what people see as your strengths as well as ask your community what they need

    • RebeccaTracey

      Awesome Bill! You’ll LOVE the program, working with Natalie is such a gift.

  • Guest

    Well done Becca. An incredibly inspiring story. You are right, just by doing what you love, you are helping others. By seeing you stepping up, they may just do the same and be happier for it. A world full of happier people will be awesome.

  • beautiful post and insights!! Loved “My life, my leadership, my willingness to say screw the rules and live on my own terms – it gives you permission to do the same.” And then the bit after it in blue! Your lifestyle definitely seems like something envious. I had the biggest crush on a rock climber once and it’s the same type of thing. Aside from rock climbing dudes being incredibly hot… That infectious adventurous, vagabonding, live on your own terms, for-the-moment spirit! It’s VERY attractive. I always have a hard time realizing that I am enough, here, NOW. Because I tend to live for the future and those anxious bits of BECOMING.. not realizing that all I am is already here. I am being. 🙂 Ahhh great inspiration to write a post ‘on being and becoming’.

    • You are already there indeed Janet, you just have to acknowledge and live for every day. And yes Becca does look hot hanging off that rock!

    • RebeccaTracey

      Hey PP,

      Thanks for the nice comment! Climbers definitely have a way of being in the moment (probably because if you’re NOT in the moment when you’re climbing, it means you’ll take a huge fall!). But we all have our ways of looking to the future and forgetting about the present. It’s a constant practice to return to the NOW. Even just your realizing your pattern makes you ahead of the game.

  • berylthomas

    Hi Becca, you are so so right. All we have to do is do what we enjoy with passion and it create a ripple effect. This is real leadership when we just inspire others by how we live our lives. Thank you for sharing. We need to blog about you and your achievements!

    • RebeccaTracey

      Aw, thanks Beryl. Everyone has their own little ripple effect, whether they know it or not 🙂

  • RebeccaTracey

    Thanks for the nice comment! A world full of happier people would be awesome indeed!

  • Your amazing.Managing your life in your own way without any hastle,that’s great.

  • Your amazing.Managing your life in your own way without any hastle,that’s great.

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