What Does It Take To Become A Suitcase Entrepreneur?

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Suitcase Entrepreneur Dec 2012 Infographic

It’s the 1st December, and what better way to celebrate the final month of 2012 than with an infographic? Who doesn’t love visual depictions of useful information.

But this isn’t just any information, this is what you, my Suitcase Entrepreneur community, told me you wanted to learn about building an online business and living out of a suitcase.

A few months back I put out this PopSurvey on the Ultimate Guide To Being A Suitcase Entrepreneur and asked TWO questions:

1. Which topics do you most want know about?

I asked you to choose from the following since these are the core themes I believe cover what it takes to build a successful business and be location independent:

2. As an entrepreneur, what are the biggest problems you face on a day-to-day basis?

I got some really juicy answers to this question, and my Chief Happiness Officer Cher Hale did a fantastic job of summarizing it into this infographic below.

I’d love for you to take a look and see if you think this captures your thinking too. Below this I’ve gone into some more detail around the answers I received and how this is going to shape this blog from now on and what you can expect!

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If you want to create an infographic yourself, then I recommend you check out Piktochart.com – a free tool Cher used to create this one.

What Do You Most Want To Learn?

The answers you gave me to your biggest challenges were so insightful, and in many ways not surprising.

Just so you know you’re not alone in your struggles you face in your efforts to build a business that you love, that makes you money, and gives you time to have a life.

In particular the key themes were as follows:

  1. Getting started on a budget and where to invest my money to get the most bang for my buck.
  2. Getting to the BIG tasks – putting aside the small stuff to achieve the BIG stuff. Prioritizing!
  3. Growing my audience, having so many big ideas and being patient with doing one at a time
  4. Managing my time for working, exercising and more fulfilling activities.
  5. Balancing family life and not feeling guilty about working
  6. Focusing on money making tasks, generating recurring income and charging what I’m worth
  7. Procrastination, fear and perfectionism – how to overcome them and develop the right mindset
  8. Finding and attracting my ideal clients, getting prospects to learn more about me and actually buy
  9. Defining a beginning and an end to my work day and the right routine from home or traveling
  10. Stepping out of my “comfort zone” into new territory … doing things I have not done before
  11. Growing an online audience and knowing which online marketing tactics to implement
  12. What products to launch and how to create them and make the most of the launch.

The great news is that I will seek to cover each and everyone of these topics right here on the blog (and if you look through on my new-ish Start Here page you’ll see I’ve already written about several of these).

In the comments below I’d love you to continue this discussion by simply stating which of numbers above, e.g 1,4 and 7, are most relevant to you.