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When Oprah rocks into town, you have to seize the moment and go and see her own her power on stage.

And that’s exactly what happened on Wednesday night when she graced Auckland, New Zealand with her generous and amazing presence at Vector Arena at ‘An Evening with Oprah’.

One thing I can say is Oprah does not disappoint. She is polished, poised and powerful. After 37,500 interviews and having been on TV since age 19 I’d expect nothing less …and neither, I’m sure, does she.

Her entire intention for the evening was to get one message across to us (in amongst many inspirational stories and lessons) and that is this:

We need to turn up the volume on our life and truly be our best possible selves!

She in turn spoke a lot about our journey, and more importantly our spiritual journey. And she quoted this man a lot:

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

In this episode of Fresh in Fifteen I went beyond 15 minutes to bring you the key takeaways I gleaned from Oprah to inspire you now and for the rest of your life.

Listen in now.

Below are some of the brilliant one liners or summaries of the key messages from Oprah thanks to Fiona Hall who was also there and shared these on Facebook straight after:

” It is better when you share it ”
” How do I grow into the highest form of myself ”
” Turn up the volume in your life”
” Every one needs their own sacred space” ( for reflection )
” Know your calling ”
” Everybody has a spiritual gps – inner voice” – Pay attention to it !”
“You are building a legacy every day with the people you touch ”
” I am the master of my fate & the caption of my soul”
” Let no one keep you from your journey ”
” No idea what your journey is? start with -What are you curious about – it will lead you to your passion & journey”
“Not everybody can be famous – everyone can be great”
“We all want to know ” did we do ok ?”- underneath this is – did you hear me? “Everyone wants to be heard & validated”
When you get it wrong you can say ” I am sorry this is not the person I want to be”
“We are all co creating our lives”
“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”
“The energy you are putting out into the world is coming back to you through your thoughts and actions”
“You co create your life with the energy of your intentions”
“Your intention will manifest with same energy you put into it”
“Disease to please” say yes when you mean NO, this comes from worrying that people will think you are not nice”
“No is a complete sentence ”
“You are responsible for your intentions – you teach people how to treat you! ”
“What is going to fill my heart – make my decisions based on this ”
“You become what you believe ”
“Create a sign that says “Be responsible for the energy you bring into this home/ office etc ”
“Your life is always speaking to you – it first comes as a whisper , it will get louder till you listen, a Pebble will be next , then a brick till you smack into a brick wall – full blown disaster
Disaster/ crisis is your greatest teacher ”
New direction ? – Listen to your own Intuitive voice ”
What am I not getting – what do I really want ?
Practice Gratitude & surrender

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