Thank you for becoming an amazing affiliate! It’s fantastic to have you board and I’m honored to have you promoting my work. Remember I offer a generous 60% commission on all products sold and 40% on my signature program The Freedom Plan.

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What you’ll find below:

General Promotional Ideas

You can use the Key Messages I provide or give your own take on the product(s).

  • Send an email to your list or mention as a key tool or resource to have in your newsletter list (this is definitely the most effective)
  • Interview me (I’m happy to do this via Skype or via email)
  • Write your own blog post review on it (if you’ve bought it)
  • Include it in a listing of affiliate products you offer or suggested resources on your website.
  • Share it on social media regularly (see list of suggested updates to use below).

You may also go to the main sales page for more information. Take whatever is useful, but feel free to edit and customize so you can best appeal to your particular audience and community. Remember, whether you’re using a link or an image, always make sure you use your own unique Affiliate Code so you’ll get credit for the sales. You can find these under > Tracking Link on your Referral Partner dashboard.

Tips for Twitter/ LinkedIn/ Facebook/Google+

  • Update your personal or page status with a link to the product(s) of your choice and one of the custom messages provided
  • Send direct messages to clients and customers you think would benefit.
  • If you have a Group or a Page, consider writing a short personal statement or opinion along with posting a link to your own blog post review of the product(s) to your friends and fans
  • Use a URL shortener like to shorten your affiliate link before posting it on social media and you can use a tool like Hootsuite, Buffer or Facebook’s own tool to schedule updates to go out periodically over the next few weeks/months so you don’t have to remember to do it.

Blog/ Website/ Newsletter

  • Write a blog post that is related the product(s) and include the URL or linked image.
  • Use the provided images like ads on your website in the sidebar or footer of your site.
  • Feature the product(s) in your next newsletter.

Product-Specific Messages, Images and Content

Below are the products and programs available through The Suitcase Entrepreneur. Take a look at which ones would be most relevant to promote to your audience and then simply click on the link or banner image to get directed to the specific affiliate copy and swipe marketing materials you can start using today.

The Freedom Plan

FreedomPlan-FB-16The Freedom Plan is designed to ensure you build your perfect lifestyle business you can take anywhere, that allows you to make real money, work less and have more freedom all while making an impact in the world.

This online training program is made up of 3 stages designed to take you through a process to get clear on your vision for life, then build a business to support it, and create your ideal environment in which to live and work in freedom.

To promote The Freedom Plan head here.

The Freedom Collective

Freedom CollectiveThe Freedom Collective  is the one and only online community for passionate entrepreneurs, digital nomads and location independents to get the inspiration, accountability and practical support needed to build ideal lifestyle businesses – that is, where the business develops around the kind of life you want to lead.

There’s is a generous $10 commission being paid out. If your subscriber decides to renew, you will earn another commission.

To promote The Freedom Collective head here.

Using the Affiliate Center

The Referral Partner Center is a password-protected portal. You can log into this portal to get marketing materials and view your own activity statistics and easily grab your affiliate links and banners for my products.

To Sign in to the Referral Partner Center

  1. Bookmark this login URL to access your Affiliate Dashboard It looks something like this:
  2. Click on the Referral Partner Sign-In at the bottom.
  3. Enter your unique login credentials you were assigned when you registered to be an affiliate.  The code is your username and the password you were given or created.


Getting your affiliate link

When you login you should see this home page with my welcome message and key steps to getting started.

Grab your link to each product on your Affiliate Home Dashboard > Link Generator > [Choose your product] (see below, just cut and paste this URL and shorten using

TSE Affiliate home dashboard


Navigating the Referral Partner Center

Navigation is performed by clicking on the relevant menu option on the left-hand side of the page. There are three menu categories: Home, Resources, and Reports.


The Home section allows you access to update your contact information and view my product information.

  • Welcome: Shows you my welcome message.
  • My Profile: Gives you access to view and update your profile information.
  • My Programs: Gives you access to a list of my products you’re able to promote
  • My Commission Structure: Gives you information about the specific commission fees you’ll earn.


The Resources section gives you access to all the tools they need to promote my products.


The Reports section gives you details on your commissions earned, lead tracking, and sales reports.

My Ledger: Gives you your ledger report, including a list of the people who bought and items purchased thanks to you. It will also give updated information about clawbacks and payments I’ve sent you.