A Startup Junkie’s Path From Passion To Profits

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Craving Success Cover

Being an entrepreneur can be the most rewarding and thrilling choice you make in your business life. There’s one woman who I think knows that more than most. Melody Biringer has started and run 22 businesses since the age of 8!

She’s a self proclaimed Startup Junkie and very successful business woman who’s also the founder of CRAVE – which is all about women business owners. The Crave Company host business chats, symposiums, and other fabulous parties to connect you with savvy entreprennesses. They spread the word about the need-to-know women in your city with their super cool CRAVE guides.

They’re in every state in the US and expanding internationally. Melody is also now a published author, finally spilling the beans in her book Craving Success.

After much tweeting back and forth, I was lucky enough to finally meet Melody in person at Ali Brown’s Shine event last year in Las Vegas. Even though she doesn’t like video I put her in the hot seat for this fun, entertaining and super insightful interview about what it takes to be a successful serial entrepreneur.

You’ll love Melody’s down to earth,  self-effacing attitude and fantastic sense of humour as she recounts the variety of business she’s created and the major lessons learned.

In Melody’s book Craving Success, she gives you a peek into a fellow entrepreneur’s head and invites you along for a readable romp through the up and down lessons of being an adventurous and independent business woman.

What’s in this book?

  • Includes 132 tips for ambitious entrepreneurs
  • A must-read for anyone who owns a business
  • Learn the inside scoop on running 21 different businesses
  • Melody Biringer’s top ten lessons will change your business outlook
  • Endorsed by nationally-renowned entrepreneurs Liz Lange, Tory Johnson, Fran Bigelow, Ali Brown and many others

You can order it online direct here https://thecravecompany.com/cravingsuccess/buy-the-book/