A Case Study In How To Gain Real Clarity In Your Business

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In honour of National Small Business Week (in America) I wanted to share a real life case studyof a woman entrepreneur who’s making great gains in her business in 2011.

I figured there’s nothing better than hearing direct from other entrepreneurs discovering smarter ways to run and scale their business and create more freedom in life.

Daisy Hernandez is a valued Business Class member of my most recent Passport to BusinessFreedom Program. She made some great strides during the 8 weeks we had together. In fact Daisy is one of the few people I know who listens and learns and then immediately takes action by implementing it in her business.

From major website tweaks, to developing her brand message to defining her perfect customer and how to attract more of them. I love that. In this unedited interview we get to the heart of Daisy’s business challenges and what actions she’s put into place to make 2011 her year.

Natalie: I just really want you to say a little bit about your business and primarily why you joined the Passport to Business Freedom Program.

Daisy: Well I had been a freelancer for a couple of years in web design and graphic design.  I decided to jump into the Passport to Business Freedom because I wasn’t going anywhere.  I was just managing project by project. I had recently given up my full time job too so I needed to get cracking on making some money, but I didn’t really have much focus or know where to get started in terms of a business plan.

There’s just so much information out there online that I was just getting very overwhelmed. So I jumped on board and I’ve been very happy with everything and all the modules included.

Natalie: Specifically which of the modules do you think helped you most with your current situation you were in at the time? What was it that really caught your eye about the modules that you wanted to work on?

Daisy: There were actually three of them.  The very first one with Ellen Rohr on business on creating a profitable business plan  meant I was pretty much driven to start writing down my plan and budgeting how much I could start earning more,  so that was one of the main ones, the key.

And the next one that I found extremely helpful was the branding module with Liz. I have sort of been in that area as well, but I found it really interesting because this time I had to put on the hat of ‘I’m the one doing this work.  Now, it’s for me.’ So it was really, really good.  I was able to get a lot out of that.

Then the third module that I found really interesting was module on outsourcing. I’ve been –I’ve always been of a control freak so I would try to work on my own and that module pretty much opened the doors for me on how I can be running my business and not feeling overwhelmed.  I still struggle with it but I’m working on it.

Natalie: And I think you will as it takes time.  Like what you want to outsource, how much control you want to give up, who you trust, finding the right people to work with. But some definitely great strategies and that module I think helped a lot of people. One of the members actually outsourced to her kids, which I thought was hilarious.  I’m not quite sure how but it was very, very cool.

You’ve done some amazing things since the program and especially on your website which is looking incredible. What would you say would be one or even two results that you got directly out of doing the program?

Website Before Shot
Website before shot

Daisy: I would think it was having a goal like `what is it that I’m working towards?’ Like you know my goals were `I wanna make a lot of money’ but in this case it was much more specific and now I know what I’m working towards-  so that was one of the main ones.

And then the other thing that I got out of it was being able to contact and communicate with other women in the program, seeing what they were struggling with and what their strengths were, or the types of businesses that they were working on really helped a lot.  I don’t know if that makes sense but I thought that it was really, really good.

Natalie: Yes it does and that was a huge part of having the forum.  I just love seeing the interaction on there and the questions that are answered by others as well.  It’s meant to be a sharing forum.  So I’m glad that you enjoyed that part of it.  Anything else that you found about the program whether you liked it – or not?

Website RedesignWebsite Redesign with clear branding and target audience

Daisy: Definitely.  I really enjoyed the fact that you go through each module. The videos give you more of a connection with the experts and then after watching that being able to download the workbook and learn what are my next steps. That was great. I had some homework to do and yes, trying to fit it in like with your everyday life and being able to do it and then seeing the result is great.

Natalie: Alright.  Excellent.  It’s so great to hear and I’m super excited to see the progress that you’ve made and are continuing to make since you still have access to the materials.  So thank you so much for taking the time today to share your feedback.

Daisy’s Top 3 Outcomes from The Passport To Business Freedom

  • Priced out my services fairly and bundled them up. I no longer feel I’m giving my expertise away on the fear of not attracting clients
  • Outsourcing key tasks now, working on my business has a whole new meaning
  • A tighter branding strategy. Who I am, What I do & the Value I bring to my services

If you’re interested in learning more about Daisy and Website Design and Creative Service you can find her at BrandSprectrum.com where she’s recently refined her niche of catering to those in the Pet Industry so that her passion for animals and creative design intersect.

The next Passport to Business Freedom Program is starting on June 1st and this flight is available for boarding. You can check out full details here

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