5 Ways Outsourcing Can Be Your Business Superhero

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If you think outsourcing is just for the big boys and girls and not your little startup, then you should think again. You’ll be surprised to discover that there are a myriad of reasons why you should outsource something in your business.

There’s no need to bore you with all of the why you should’s, instead, here are five reasons which might just convince you that outsourcing can save the day for your business.

1. Because you have overworked staff – i.e you

So much to do, but so few to help? Well, with seven billion people in the world right now, there’s surely someone out there who can help your biz. Your only problem is how to find them, which honestly isn’t much of a problem at all.

Unless you’ve been technologically-averse all this time like the Amish, you’ve probably heard of online outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplaces like Freelancer.com, which helps you tap competent workers from all over the world at a snap.

“Outsourcing is a win-win situation: it shortens the time for both the employee and employer to find each other, and allows them to collaborate on projects immediately.” ~ Matt Barrie, CEO of Freelancer.com

True enough, when you outsource projects, you contribute to the employment of others and you do your overworked staff a favor—all within your budget.

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2. Because you want to be faster than the speed of deadlines

In the future, we’ll all probably be as supercharged (and smoking hot) as Bradley Cooper in “Limitless”, but until then, we’ll just have to make do with getting the perfect people to do the tasks we can’t, so we can meet one of the most nefarious enemies of every entrepreneur: deadlines.

Outsourcing will help you build your own army of skilled professionals ready to take on this monster.

3. Because it can be relatively cheaper

The book “Uncontracting: The Move Back to Performing In-House” puts it best: outsourcing aims “to ensure that commercial activities are performed by the best source at the lowest possible cost.”

Which is especially true with crowdsourcing projects, since a lot of people tend to lower their rates to land that job. (Nothing new there: ever heard of ad agencies pitching for an account they want to score?)

4. Because admit it, you’re not the best at everything

Yes, there will be times when you’ll be paralyzed and unable to proceed with a task, just because you don’t know enough about it. (Creative people, we all know how you hate doing accounting!)

It’s not only about you; your staff, your department, or even your entire company are also involved. If this dilemma is the movie, then outsourcing is your lead star. You can pick the best among many outsourcing candidates to come up with an output that is exceptional enough to give you a run for your money. Admit it, there are people around the world who are smarter than you are.

5. Because–gasp!–you need to save yourself!

If your country’s economy gets screwed up, chances are, you’re going down with it—if you don’t act fast.

The concept of risk-sharing allows others to take a piece of the bad stuff you have, so that both of you won’t have to go down totally. And outsourcing is also about risk-sharing. When you take the job somewhere else, your economy cannot screw it up.

This is a guest post from the good folks over at Freelancer.com who just got their 3 millionth user and have helped a ton of entrepreneurs like you and I to get on and do the important work and focus on what we’re best at.

What are you going to outsource today?