4 Facts You MUST Know To Ensure You Sell Everything – Lessons from GoDaddy

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I found it amusing to see an email in my inbox this morning from, none other, than GoDaddy.

In case you missed it, Bob Parsons, CEO of GoDadd,y created quite the uproar in the media yesterday when his Elephant slaughter drew massive backlash.

He clearly believes that all publicity is good publicity, however this time he seems to overstepped the line big time.

PETA, one of the largest animal welfare organizations that I regularly donate to, removed themselves as a GoDaddy customer, along with I’d say hundreds, if not thousands more.

Hence the email that landed in my inbox, to try and attract more sales – a special offer to affiliates to save as of today, something I will not be supporting.

I believe justice is being served to his company right now, which is sad in many ways, that one man’s stupid and arrogant actions have caused so much harm to his employees and shareholders, not to mention the elephant.

Also sad, because he offered some great business advice in this email that I’d like to share with you here (with my own take on it in between).

4 Facts you must know (if you are going to sell everything)

Fact #1: It is not possible to succeed by being exactly like your competitors.

Exactly and shooting elephants is definitely one way to stand out from the crowd and give all your customers to your competition.

Fact #2: All of us are creatures of habit and will resist changing our buying patterns unless we are given a significant reason to do so.

Once again congrats on changing peoples’ buying patterns overnight. Namecheap.com are very happy you’re sending customers their way, and their smart marketing How to Boycott GoDaddy’s Elephant-Killing CEO And Donate To SaveTheElephants.Org is paying off:

I saw your GoDaddy article. I work for Namecheap.com, a competitor. We’re running a transfer from GoDaddy to Namecheap.com: $4.99 transfers for com/net/org domains with 20% of proceeds going to savetheelephants.org.

Fact #3: You must give prospective customers compelling reasons to change their buying patterns and start buying from you.

Perhaps you should take your own advice right now Bob Parsons. Donating to SaveTheElephants.org and making a public apology would be the first step.

Fact #4: Having compelling reasons is not enough to get customers to switch. You must also find a way to inform prospective customers of those reasons.

Hosting videos of your latest hunting trip to Zimbabwe is definitely one way of informing customers of the type of person you are,  and as you know you’re also the front person for your business, everything you do reflects your business values….

Put the facts to work:

I’ll quit with the jibes now as the information below is highly useful for any entrepreneur wanting to get ahead of the competition (plus there’s just too many potential spots to jump in with something cheeky!).

1. Price and value.
Organize your company, and lower your overhead so you can afford to offer your product or service at better prices than your competition. Value is major motivator for new customers.

2. Keep them coming back for more with your service.
Pay close attention to your customers and communicate with them to build a trusting relationship.

3. Gladly accept feedback.
Good and bad. Use bad feedback to improve your products and service to keep more customers happy. The customer is not always right… but they are always the customer, so do your best to keep them satisfied.

4. Be a useful resource, but avoid being a nuisance.
Make sure there is value in each contact. Inform your customers about new products, services and events. Remember, always make sure you have permission to contact them.

5. Advertise smartly.
If you’re working with a small budget, there are still ways to make a name for your business that will bring you publicity and help you stand out from the competition. Write articles for trade publications, online communities and local newspapers. The media is always looking for content. And once you are published in these places, you will begin to be seen as an expert. People like to do business with experts. Be sure to promote your website on all business materials and at your place of business.

What do you think of the GoDaddy scandal. Smart or stupid? What’s the Number 1 lesson you’ve learned from this incident?

I personally hope it will, among other things, also bring more attention and resolution to the abuse of Britain’s last circus elephant too.