How To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life and Transform Your Business in 30 Days

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Ever get that feeling in the middle of the day where your energy is just crashing, and you aren’t able to focus on anything?

Do you feel bogged down by brain fog around mid-afternoon and reach for coffee to give you a boost?

A few months ago, I had been feeling the same way. Unable to focus on my business, not able to get excited about new opportunities, everything was starting to seem … a bit sluggish and dull.

But I had decided late last year that my Quest for 2017 was to get in the best shape of my life for when I turn the young age of 40 this April!

And just 30 days later I am feeling fit and energetic; I am feeling freaking amazing!

I’m almost in the best shape of my life too, with just over 5 weeks til my birthday.

I’ve completely transformed my mindset, my life, and my business over the last four weeks through the 30 Day Clean Living Challenge.

I am eating foods in the most natural state possible, even organic foods, where possible; making smart food choices and loving what I am eating.

I am cooking like a mofo (and I have never really cooked in my entire life). In addition to that, I am sleeping better and have taken up CrossFit (which is kicking my butt), and I love it too.

It took less than 30 days for me to make this transformation. So it got me wondering about why we don’t we invest in our health, the way we invest in our teams, in businesses, in travel, in holidays and everything else that we do?

The 30 Day Clean Living Challenge has made me realize that our body is the most important thing in the world, which enables us to do everything else.

Now, when I see people drinking coffee like crazy (one cup a day is okay), eating fries, chomping out on burgers, filling themselves with alcohol, it makes me cringe.

I mean, I’ve done all these things in the past, but always in moderation. But doing this clean living challenge was just the perfect kick up my booty that I needed to finally focus on how awesome I could feel every day just by making better choices.

The quest for getting in the best shape of my life

This year I am turning the bright young age of 40. And my quest for turning 40 is to be in the best shape of my life.

I have had this idea in the back of my mind for the last 6 to 8 months. It wasn’t like I was unfit. I played ultimate frisbee. I loved going to the gym, and I ate pretty well.

But when I was in Portugal, there was chorizo, and there was cheese coming out of everywhere (which was amazing, by the way). There was fantastic wine at just 2-3 Euros a bottle. I was living life and enjoying it.

I was surfing, for sure. Doing yoga, yes. I was working hard, but I wasn’t really looking after myself. I was overindulgent in many ways.

So I arrived back in New Zealand at Christmas time and thought to myself, “You know, you’ve got to make some pretty serious changes here.”

Because as an entrepreneur, I didn’t want to feel tired halfway through the day, which I was starting to feel more and more every day. I didn’t want to have that brain fog that we all talk about. Nor did I want to turn to coffee to get my energy. I didn’t want to do any of that.

And then I discovered the secret of how to get in the best shape of my life.

All the wellness wisdom you’ll ever need

How did I not know about Dr. Libby Weaver? Her book, Women’s Wellness Wisdom, changed my life.

I got to read this amazing book thanks to a lovely lady, Karen, who gave me her copy while she was away on holiday. No wonder Karen always has amazing health and wellness advice (like this one and this one). I just got stuck in and loved it so much that I went and bought my own copy.

I can’t remember the last time I bought a book on health and fitness.

But this book was different.

This book does not tell you what to do; it informs you of what you are doing to your body.

I kept reading stuff in there and going, “Holy crap, why am I doing that to myself?”

It might be called Women’s Wellness Wisdom, but don’t worry, guys. You are going to love this book, and it will help you get in the best shape of your life too.

Dr. Libby Hawker goes over all sorts of things in this book, around skin conditions, sleep, alcohol, caffeine, etc. But her approach always is, “Here’s what is going on in your body when you do these things.”

You read some of the things she mentions, and it makes you step back and go, “Man, why am I doing those things to my body?”

The biggest eye opener for me was her take on the vicious cycle.

Here’s how it goes. You consume coffee in the morning. One, two, maybe even three cups. By afternoon, you start feeling low on energy because of a sugar crash. You start feeling low on energy and sluggish because all the rice, pasta or bread you’ve eaten.

So you reach for more coffee around that time or have more sugar like donuts and all those things just give you a bit of a rush.

Then in the evening, already low on energy, you indulge in alcohol, which then leads to disrupted and unrestful sleep. You wake up next morning feeling like crap, so you go back to … yes, more coffee! And the cycle keeps repeating.

Stuck in this vicious cycle, we keep adding tons of toxins into our liver. Our liver is an incredible organ, but there’s only so much it can do when you are throwing all this crap at it.

In her book, she shows different ways you can break out of this vicious cycle and get your body back on the healthy track. I highly recommend reading the book. Here is where you can get it.

There is this beautiful line that she writes in the first chapter, which sets up the tone for the entire book.

“I am hopeful that this book will offer you simple tools that foster an even healthier and happier life, helping you to appreciate even more deeply how miraculous your body truly is and the gift that you are to the world.”

The book, Women’s Wellness Wisdom, is simply amazing. It helped me get started with changing my body, my health, my mindset in a big way. It ignited the spark that led me to get in the best shape of my life.

How I got in the best shape of my life in just 30 days

After reading the book, I decided to join Karen (yes, the same lovely lady who’d lent me the book in the first place) and Sarah’s 30-day clean living challenge.

30 Day Clean Living Challenge now

Karen has been a member of my community for a long time. She has been a coaching client, and she’s come to my retreats, so I know she’s just super passionate about real health and real energy.

I tried doing the 30-day clean living challenge before, but I’d never taken it seriously. I was too busy, I was working too hard, I was traveling too much, and frankly, I didn’t even have access to a kitchen or groceries. It just was not good timing.

This time, however, I was like, “Screw that, I am signing up.”

Step 1: Change your grocery list, change your body

It’s a 4-week challenge and every week you get a cool meal plan for the entire week. You get an idea of what you can eat each day, and you get recipes that are just freaking awesome.

So I took myself off to Moore Wilsons, and Commonsense Organics here in Wellington, which have a huge supply of awesome fresh foods and every other goodness you could possibly imagine. (Some I simply could not as I had never heard of them, let alone cooked with them).

They’ve got incredible, high-quality food and I just looked at my grocery list and was done shopping in 30 minutes. I look at my new pantry and go, “Yup, thanks, Karen and Sarah.”

So I restocked my pantry and fridge, which are usually barren because I am a digital nomad. I travel and eat out all the time. But every time I open it now, I am proud. I am like, “Ooh! What’s in there?”

Step 2: Start cooking to nourish your body the right way

Those of you who know me well, know that I don’t cook. I made sure I stayed out of the kitchen from when I was a kid so I wouldn’t end up cooking.

The truth is, I am actually quite a good cook, but I have never enjoyed it the way I enjoy other things. I mean, work, business, frisbee, hanging out with friends, I love doing all of that. Cooking was never my thing, though.

But I started cooking during the 30-day clean living challenge and find it incredible. I started reading the recipes Karen and Sarah sent me. Some of these things were so simple to cook and prepare. I could even make two or three more meals out of it.

Frankly, I am surprised.

I started enjoying cooking, and it has been quite a cathartic experience.

I am no chef, by the way, but I understand why people love cooking. By putting love into your food, the taste and the sensation of eating are completely transformed. It is the perfect way to eat tasty food that nourishes your body.

Step 3: Eat healthy to cut down your expenses

I’ve added up what I’ve spent on groceries and what I’ve spent eating out since doing this challenge (because I’m geeky like that).

And it just blows my mind.

I’ve only eaten out about 6 or 7 times, and that combined cost me more than triple what I’ve spent on groceries.

In the first week, I ate 21 meals at home, and I swear they cost me about $5 or $6 each. They were all super-healthy, and I felt like I was filling myself with good stuff.

I’ve never been too budget conscious when eating out, so this has been an enlightenment for me. Who knew eating at home could help me cut my expenses by such a huge amount?

Step 4: Eat organic food and make the world, and your body better

The next step was going, “Oh organic!”

Dr. Libby Weaver, who wrote the book that changed my life, talks about always buying organic. Not just because the animals are being better bred, but because of the soil. There is so much crap that goes into the soil, like pesticides and chemicals and toxins. All of that ends up making its way into our body.

Then I had this epiphany, and I shot a Facebook live video going, “What have I been doing all my life? Why haven’t I had more organic things? Why haven’t I actually been preparing beautiful, wholesome, healthy, yummy foods that give me energy and make me feel amazing?”

So I’ve been switching to organic food, and it tastes great. It’s not that much more expensive, it’s much better prepared, there are no chemicals. You feel ethically more responsible like you are making the world a better place.

Step 5: Make your skin glow with organic skincare products

Next, I thought, “Okay, fun going organic in food. I want to go organic in skincare too.” So I went out, researched and bought the beautiful Antipodes range. It’s gorgeous.

Antipodes Organic Products

All their products contain natural ingredients, like Manuka Honey, Black Fern, Bulgarian Rose, Kiwi Fruit, and Waiwera Artesian Water. It’s all organic, smells freaking amazing, and unbelievably good.

Just today, my lovely mom came by, and she said, “Your skin is looking great.” And I was like, “Yup.”

I actually feel younger from the inside.

Since I was conscious about all of this, I started noticing people on Facebook posting do-it-yourself skincare recipes. Even our local supermarket New World’s gives out skincare recipes here – body scrubs for healthy skin. But I could never really do it because I am hardly in one place for more than a month.

I will say that it’s great to have a base, access to a kitchen and grocery stores. It makes getting into the best shape of your life so much easier. But now that I know all this, I feel like you can do this from anywhere.

Step 6: Move more to feel more energetic and look vibrant

The next thing that’s come out of the challenge was changing my exercise.

Right across from where I shop for groceries, there’s this cool place called Urban Fitness. It’s an awesome hipster urban workout space. It has boxing bags and rowing machines and dumbbells and kettle-bells and bars and Olympic rings. Shout out to Mike and Dan for making it such a cool place to work out.

I don’t know why I was doing all that stuff. But I was finding myself at 6 in the morning doing crazy cool workouts that fully and functionally stretched my body. I thought I was pretty strong and fit since I went to the gym and played ultimate frisbee. But these new workouts left me sore all over. I couldn’t even walk up the stairs without hurting everywhere. But it only lasted for 2 or 3 days.

But by week 2, it was so much better. I felt younger and fitter than I had ever been.

And now I’m so full of energy that I just want to bounce around all the time.

Eating healthy and getting fit transforms your entire life

In the last four weeks, I have literally transformed my entire world from the inside out. It all started with getting educated about why my body is amazing. Why everything that I do and put into it feeds my mind, which then feeds into everything else.

Doing the 30-day clean living challenge has not only helped me get into the best shape of my life, but it has also led to a massive positive shift in everything else too.

I am usually a pretty positive person, but now I am now in gratitude mode all the time. I am excited about things, I always react positively, and I am just happy.

I’ve got amazing abundance coming into my business, I’ve got sponsors for my podcast, and I’ve been killing it with Airbnb too. I love meeting all my lovely guests, making more money through real estate, transforming my finances. It feels like I’m in control of my financial freedom.

All I can say is this — treat your beautiful body like the queen (or king) that it is. That’s where it all starts. Getting into the best shape of your life shifts your mindset into gratitude, abundance, and positivity. Wonderful things start happening that make your life awesome.

So invest in yourself by getting into the best shape of your life.

I now fully understand what that means and how it helps transform everything else. I am still learning, and loving it. Hopefully, I have been able to convey to you the importance of investing in yourself, and how to do it.

I would love for you to leave a comment below and tell me how you will invest in yourself.

How amazing would you feel when you finally start treating your body with respect and love?

How lovely would it be to have the positive effects spill over into every other aspect of your life when you get into the best shape of your life?

What would you do to feel energetic all day long, no brain fog, and just massive clarity around everything?

Let me tell you, it all feels freaking amazing.

If you’d love to transform your life, bring more gratitude and abundance into it, and get into the best shape of your life, join the 30 Day Clean Living Challenge by clicking the button below.

30 Day Clean Living Challenge now