3 Top Business Lessons You Can Learn From Becoming Homeless

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Just this weekend I left my Suite that I felt very at home in, packed up the belongings I’ve gathered in just over a year of living in a new city, and technically became homeless.

You may ask how does this relate to running a business? My answer is “Everything”.

Sometimes no decision is the best decision

Circumstances left me with several choices – find a new room mate, live on my own in an overly large place and pay the price or move out and find a place downtown. I decided to give notice and move out.

Once I’d made that call I felt excited by the possibilities that change brings. But after looking at several options of downtown living I found none seemed right. Normally I’m very quick to make decisions so I followed my gut instinct that told me not commit to any new place. Instead I’d return to being a nomad and living out of my suitcase.

The result? One friend offered me his company’s warehouse to store my stuff, a lending hand to move it and his apartment to stay in for 3 weeks while he was away. Another friend offered me a sublet on her great apartment in a different part of town for December.  After that…who knows where I’ll be.

Turns out, no decision was a great decision. In business you have to make many decisions on a daily basis, some minor and some major. The thing is there’s opportunity in every decision you make. Some may seem right at the time and lead you on to great things, others may seem wrong but actually work out in an unexpected way. And sometimes not making one is simply the best option.

Always trust your gut, don’t be pressured into making a decision if you don’t want and be sure in the knowledge that things always turn out for the best if you’re open to it.

De-cluttering your life can be applied to your business

I’m not a hoarder by nature, I am not materialistic and over the years I’ve tried to accumulate as little as possible so I can remain a free spirit and be ready for any adventure when it comes my way.

Whilst there’s comfort in stability and security, I prefer the challenges that this nomadic lifestyle brings. I would say that most entrepreneurs seek adventure, calculated risk and a degree of uncertainty. It keeps you on your toes.

You have to constantly adapt and change, react and be proactive. You learn to rely on your abilities and better understand your strengths. You also learn to trust your networks and ask for support when needed, something I’m getting much better at ( the 5 friends who helped me move on Friday are proof).

There’s also something incredibly powerful about being agile and free of junk. Like storing your stuff away, the same can be done in your business. File away a project or an `must do’ task and forget about it. After 3 months if it hasn’t impacted your business, then how important was it in the first place?

A good session of spring cleaning is like energizing your soul

Whilst my friend and I were not overjoyed at five hours of scrubbing, spraying, wiping and sweeping after moving out, the end result was a sense of pride and accomplishment. The place looked amazing and the new tenants were in for a treat.

This same mindset should be applied to your business routines and dealings on a regular basis. Clear out your email inbox and then put better systems in place to keep on top if it. Sort out and minimize your files, deleting anything that you no longer need. Clean your desk and recognise how that also clears your mind so you can focus on priorities.

Get rid of your `to do list’ and make way for a brand new slate. Put fun stuff on the list too – being in business should be, above all else FUN.

Consider doing things differently, get rid of old routines, introduce some new approaches and gain a fresh perspective on existing work. You’ll be surprised at what solutions you’ll come up with, all because you took time out to de-clutter.

Feels good doesn’t it.

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  • Sounds like you made a wise and liberating move. There really is nothing quite like being free of possessions – they own us not the other way round!

    Enjoy your freedom and all the adventures that are awaiting you:)

  • Very lovely read. Just go me energized. I have been pushing away organizing my space but I will get it done today

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