3 Daily Deal Sites For Entrepreneurs Offer Serious Business Savings

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I decided to do a different take on my regular Tuesday Toolkit Time video.

Today I want to talk about some cool tools that help entrepreneurs like you and me to get tools, products and services for less.

If you haven’t heard of daily deal site Groupon by now then you must have been hibernating in a cave with your local grizzly bears. Offering daily deals of up to 90% off things to do, see and eat in your city and couple that with crowdsourcing is just a recipe for success.

This billion dollar success story, started by young entrepreneur Andrew Mason, is an example of a kick ass business model that’s now been replicated by over 300 other sites!

I’ve taken advantage of a fair number of deals from Groupon and Living Social for deals in cities that I’m visiting.  That said I still have two pedicures for next to nothing that I didn’t use up before leaving Buenos Aires….

Right now I’m loving my Groupon deal that has me cycling to YogaWorks to enjoy all kinds of extraordinary contortion positions in unlimited classes for 6 weeks (pity I’m only here for 2 more weeks) for $50. I mean how could I go wrong with that?

If you’re not yet using these deals then I recommend you read what I wrote in the Suitcase Entrepreneur’s Top Tips for savvy business travel.

Profiting From Daily Deal Sites

I think we all know there comes a time when one can only stomach so many haircuts, massages, cheap dinners and entrances to attractions on these sites.

As a business owner I know you probably don’t make time for all these wondrous things because you’re too busy trying to make a profit right?

Well I have good news. There are finally daily deal sites designed specifically to help business owners by offering  50% to 90% discounts on useful Web applications, software, ebooks, gadgets, products and other resources entrepreneurs might need to grow their online business.

Let me share my favourite ones with you.

The friendly and energetic crew of MarketSharing launched nationally in the US a few weeks ago and already are rocking it out with thousands of subscribers jumping on their premium business-to-business deals on exceptional business products and services.

As they like to say you can `Save 50% to 90% on your business needs‘. Their deals range from SeamlessWeb and security systems to savings on Staples gift cards to shoe shines for your employees.

John Amato is the CEO of MarketSharing and in a recent Mashable article on Why Daily Deal Sites Are Here To Stay I had to agree with his point of view:

“While it’s the nature of haters to hate on a business model that creates so much wealth for two young entrepreneurs in two very short years, the reality is that we should be congratulating Groupon’s creators for helping shape a paradigm shift in ecommerce.”

I just think these services are already making a huge impact on small businesses by providing them with amazing deals on stuff that will help them actually do business better. Here’s an example of today’s deal on Market Sharing.

Market sharing offers daily deals to businesses

Visit their website and check out their daily deals. Catch them on Twitter @marketsharing and facebook.com/marketsharing

I’ve been getting these deals in my inbox for several months now and the founder Noah Kagan is also on the YEC (Young Entrepreneur Council) with me. It’s another brilliant take on the daily deal notion.

AppSumo is a daily deal site for software. AppSumo partners with people who make the coolest apps out there to offer you exclusive price deals on sweet products. Think Groupon for Web Apps. Although they do have cool deals on programs and products and eBooks too.

Here’s an example of their daily deal email that I get in my inbox

AppSumo for business savings

Check ‘em out at AppSumo.com and on Twitter @appsumo and on facebook.com/appsumo

Startups.com is a community of website owners getting together to buy the best solutions to grow theironline businesses at the lowest prices in the market. I like the sound of that.

With a killer domain name they bought for $500,000 these guys are offering a great variety of deals with you want specials on CRM systems, ecommerce sites, project management tools and website design and build.

Startups offer daily deals for business owners

Find them on Twitter @startupscom and facebook.com/startups

All these sites are free to sign up with and you may want to consider getting your business service or product offerings on them too if you think it fits and would be good for business.

Have you got other deal sites you use that are designed for us entrepreneurs? Lemme know in the comments below.