25 Ways to Live Your Legend Now – A Tribute to Scott Dinsmore

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I’m nothing short of shocked and devastated today at the loss of my good friend Scott Dinsmore who died while hiking Mt Kilimanjaro this weekend.

It’s just too hard to believe.

He was around 215 days in on an amazing, year long, round the world trip with his lovely wife Chelsea, and just over a week ago he took his first digital sabbatical in 5 years.

Scott is the founder of Live Your Legend and he’s inspired tens of thousands of people through this work and his fantastic TEDx talk that’s been viewed by millions:

How to find and do work you love

He truly lives and breathed his core values of freedom, passion, a huge desire for learning and improvement and gave so much energy to everything he did, and everybody he encountered.

I first met him at the very first World Domination Summit in 2011 along with several other special people as we took off in a group to spend the evening out on the town.

I hadn’t yet spoken to Scott one on one, and I remember the moment vividly as I had just bought a round of tequila shots for my ‘new friends’ and after the toast he said to me:

“So Natalie Sisson, tell me what makes you tick, what are you passionate about”.

I recall being surprised at the intensity of the question and the genuineness behind Scott really wanting to get to know me.

It was the first of many indepth conversations we had about life, work and making an impact and it was so indicative of Scott to go all in from the get go …and some serious dance sessions.

He was one of my earliest guests on my podcast about how to Live Your Legend and Discover your Passion as I knew he had so much to say and share that my community needed to hear.

He was also the only person that could talk about passion with real conviction and get people real results, around a time that everyone was talking about ‘finding your passion and purpose’ but using it as lip service. That’s what I loved about Scott.

He supported my $100 Change program and even featured me on his blog as one of 10 normal people doing extraordinary things to help spread the word further for my initiative.

And when I asked him if he’d speak at my San Francisco Book Launch event in 2013 he was only too happy to do so and even came up with extra ideas on how to make it more valuable for those attending.

Scott Dinsmore and Natalie Sisson San Francisco

That was so Scott. Always at 110% or more on every level.

I was truly touched that before he set off on his world tour and adventure he reached out for my top tips on traveling, packing and life on the road.

I truly expected to cross paths with him on both our adventures this year but looks like I’ll have to reserve that wonderful moment for the next lifetime.

So instead I wanted to create a tribute to Scott, who left this world way too early at just 29 years young.

29 Ways to Live Your Legend Now

I hope the following serve to fuel your day and get you to take action to live your legend, do the work you love, be with the people you love and most importantly live life to the full.

This is inspired by time spent with Scott and the wonderful wisdom in his blog posts and TEDx video (which I directly quoted from a few time below) and by how his passing has directly impacted me and left me feeling about life:

  1. Life is a gift. Be grateful for it every day.
  2. Give your very best. Period. The world will thank you for it.
  3. Never stop learning. Stay curious. It makes life so much more enriching.
  4. Build a community of passionate people and bring them together often.
  5. Change your surroundings. Change your world.
  6. Push your limits and learn your own impossible.
  7. Spend time with people who inspire possibility.
  8. Don’t hang out with people who bring you down.
  9. If you don’t like your job? Quit it now. Do what you love.
  10. Learn from everyone. Every single person can teach you something.
  11. Do something that matters to you.
  12. Make an impact that only you can make.
  13. What seems impossible can become the new norm.
  14. Be intentional daily.
  15. Work on yourself and always improve.
  16. Discover the work you can’t NOT do. Live it.
  17. Dance like nobody’s watching.
  18. Love boldly.
  19. Step outside to play, explore and be with the people standing next to you.
  20. Show up and do the work.
  21. Take time to pause. Go off the grid. Disconnect.
  22. Life is an experiment. Push and test new boundaries
  23. Learn by doing. Make taking action your priority.
  24. We are all leaders. We are all followers. Dance together.
  25. Be the change!

Scott Dinsmore living his legend

This was the last post Scott had put out on Facebook and Instagram and I think it truly speaks to the passion he live life with. Let’s celebrate his life by doing it justice and making the most of every single second we have here on earth to be legendary, and live our legend.