29 Lessons Learned On Turning Fear Into Your Defining Moments

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From time to time I like to hit you up with an inspirational post. Usually when I’m in the moment and it just comes gushing out, or when I’ve been doing a lot of deep thinking.

Or when I’ve been reading other people’s articles and posts, who are far more worthy of your deserving attention when it comes to personal growth and development.

One of these people is Jonathan Mead, who tells you how to live and work on your own terms over at Paid To Exist.

His most recent post title The Cure For Launch Freakout was so timely as I head towards my own launch of the biggest initiative I’ve ever pulled together in my life,

I left this comment on his blog,

“Freaking out before a launch is such a natural feeling that people have. It’s always in our defining moments that we freak out the most.The ability to push past those fears is when the genius work happens.”

Click to tweet the best part of that!

I actually have to say even I was proud of how that sentence rolled off my tongue (because let’s face it I’m not Jonathan), and what’s more I totally believed it, with my full heart.

Because since I chose to work on the $100 Change initiative, after the generosity of Chris Guillebeau’s act in July at the World Domination Summit, crazy things have happened.

I shall them with you here.

27 Random Things I’ve Learned In 27 Days


  1. Been totally energized
  2. Gotten too little sleep
  3. Asked people for help – yes really – finally
  4. Doubted that this was even possible
  5. Believed that this was more than possible
  6. Dreamed big about how to make this have serious impact
  7. Feared deeply about it not working out at all
  8. Reached out to people who I thought would never respond
  9. Had amazing people respond and show their support
  10. Sent over 500 +  emails in 3 weeks with my vision behind $100 Change
  11. Had people refine the initiative further with their smart minds and feedback
  12. Brainstormed the best ways to spread this far and wide (huge thanks to Katrina, Karen and Cher)
  13. Got 25, 50, 75  over 100 change makers on board in just under a month!
  14. Been blown away by people’s generosity and support for it
  15. Got 100 change makers on board – it’s so amazing I have to repeat it!
  16. Decided to give away $100 this Sunday 3 September to celebrate 13 and 15
  17. Found out about hundreds of worthwhile change makers thanks to recommendations from you
  18. Consumed hundreds of new blogs and articles from these recommended change makers
  19. Found a whole new world of talent, inspiration and people doing some seriously cool shit
  20. Been bamboozled by some people who are `too busy’ or think it’s a place to promote themselves
  21. Come up with way too many ideas to even keep track of on ways to make this rock
  22. Given away a ticket to the World Domination Summit to a very deserving person
  23. Been brought to tears by the people who love this initiative and placed a badge on their site
  24. Reconnected with people I shouldn’t have lost touch with
  25. Found that collaboration is the key to creating movements that matter
  26. Been thankful to Sarah Peck, Kyle Durand, and Scott Dinsmore, who hold me to my best and inspire me
  27. Had the honour of interviewing my friends, mentors and guiding lights Pam Slim, Chris G, Jonathan Fields and Jenny Blake
  28. Come to realise I have wonderful friends who go over and above to help out like Caroline Ceniza-Levine, CA Kobu, Liz Dialto and Jennie HK
  29. Recognised that when you truly believe in something, the Universe gives you the energy to move mountains

What have your fears taught you?




  • I’ve always loved the quote by Ambrose Redmoon: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” The results you’ve had already with this project are a testament to your courage. Bravo!

  • A great post to follow up a great post 🙂

    Loving the learning curve

    Matthew (Turndog Millionaire)

    • Why thanks Matthew. And here’s to your launches this year too!

  • Angela

    Okay I’ll admit it, I clicked on Cher’s link in the hope that it might be the diva of all divas…you can’t blame a fan for hoping right. Lol 😉

    Natalie I know that reading your post about your bike trip through Africa will serve as a marker for me some day in the future when I look back and say, “Oh ja, that’s when I first came across that mad Kiwi who inspired me and showed me that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.”

    I love these kinds of posts and I especially loved this one! I can’t wait to see the end result of this project.

  • Natalie, I just love your last point “when you truly believe in something, the Universe gives you the energy to move mountains”.

    • Thanks Claire. Me too. Just came to me in a fit of inspiration. When that happens. I usually run with it

  • Dear Natalie,

    Congratulations again on the $100 Change initiative. You should know that you do great work and inspire me to keep working towards my dream of entrepreneurial success + lifestyle mobility. Thank you for sharing your insights and doing it all with such passion! 🙂



  • DaisyHdez

    Point 5 is so key – believing and taking action. You’re so inspiring! I’m looking forward to September to get the show on the road!

  • Sandy Sidhu

    congrats Natalie! I’m super excited to see this project launch especially since I got a glimpse into how you work and saw this project take off! You are truly an inspiration.

  • Thank you for this Natalie. Hidden within our fears is the promise of greatness. Every single time I step into the chest tightening anxiety of a big dream, I come out the other side more sure of who I am, who I love, and what is possible if we are willing to take giant leaps of faith. One of my favourite quotes? “Sometimes you have to jump and build your wings on the way down.” – Anonymous. Keep dreaming big my friend. You are living the exact life you are meant to live and I’m happy to be part of this tribe of big dreamers. xo

  • I had a ‘a ha’ moment yesterday about fear.

    A friend (who calls herself my ‘self-appointed business manager!’) challenged me to put together a business proposal to submit to a specific organisation.

    My first reaction was fear; “no I couldn’t possibly do that”.

    But I later realised that the ideas which cause me strongest reactions are the exact opportunities I need to step up and do. I’m convinced that my strong reaction was my intuition recognising that it would require me to step outside my comfort zone but also that it’s a fabulous opportunity which (if the proposal is accepted) will be a huge boost for my body.

    So my lesson – move toward (not away) from fear!

    • Move towards it now Jen. If anyone can, you can. Excited for you

  • Congratulations Natalie! I knew you could do it 😉 “Feel the fear and do it anyway” as they say right? Can’t wait to see all the awesomeness you and your 100+ peeps will be sharing!

  • Fear … is an emotion … is energy. The energy of fear is intended to hold us back for our own safety, but often there is no real danger, just something new. The energy of fear can be turned around and used to send us soaring upwards like a rocket. So, when I feel fear, I remember: Feel the Emotion And Roar!

  • I’ve just discovered the blog and podcast and I’m rapidly speeding through the archives (4 hours in the car and 2 hours walking around London the other day helped!), but this post is a real call-to-action for me to tackle my next project with the dedication, commitment and gusto it deserves.

    Thanks! (and thanks for the “universe gives you energy to move mountains” quote, too. Love it!)

  • My fears have definitely taught me that I am the only one that holds me back from doing great things. I also learn that when I feel the most scared, whatever it is I’m scared about is really worth doing.

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