[265] What Does Financial Freedom Mean To You?

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What Does Financial Freedom Mean To You?

“If you got hit by a bus tomorrow, how would you fare, financially?”

Geez, how depressing.

I was asked that same question by two different financial advisors – there must be something to it.

To be honest, preparing for “what if” scenarios has not been a big part of my financial plan. I’ve always been good with money and because I’m not one for buying material things, I haven’t had to worry about getting in over my head with consumer debt.

Having said that, there have been some big changes in my life lately that have caused me to think of things in a new way.

In today’s Fresh in Fifteen episode, I talk about the shift that I’ve made from living outside the typical financial boxes to using them to my advantage. I explore how financial freedom is different for everyone and encourage you to hone in on what it really means to you, your business, and your life.

What Does Financial Freedom Mean To You?

Listen in to this episode to learn about:

  • The importance of shifting from a reactive to proactive approach with financial plans and financial transparency
  • How I started to think about what my business might look like without me
  • How to consider your personal definition of financial freedom

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