25 Incredible Lessons Learned – Your Free Manifesto

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25 lessons learned in business - lesson 1

Every so often you feel inspired to write down every major lesson you’ve learned in business, in order to share your knowledge with others, so they can benefit.

Otherwise what the heck is the point in understanding and applying all this stuff?! So that’s precisely what I did to celebrate my two years in building this beautiful online business that allows me to travel the world.

My Deepest Business Lessons

In 24 Incredible Lessons Learned From Being In Business I poured out my heart and soul with the critical lessons I’ve applied to my business over the last 24 months. This is the kind of stuff you just can’t preach until you’ve learned it and been through it.

While I don’t have all the answers and continue to learn what it takes to grow my business and yours through social media, online tools and outsourcing, I certainly have enough insights to share right now!

Anyway turns out it was one of my most popular posts to day. Over 100 tweets, 50+ shares on Facebook and 25 comments later and I’m …well chuffed! Perhaps it’s because I threw in a bonus lesson?

Lots of people asked me if I was turning it into a take away guide as they wanted to refer to it again and again. I had the same brilliant idea and so today I’m pretty damn pleased to present to you a manifesto of sorts.

25 Incredible Lessons Learned In Business Manifesto

25 incredible lessons learned in businessYes that’s it, right there on the right and you can go ahead and download it right now (after sharing it first) for free by clicking on this link.

Thanks to Amy Clover and her stunning Pinterest board (she’s in the manifesto) I’ve also become enamoured with the beautiful typography you’re seeing more and more of these days.

So I got the lovely Janet Brent to design this manifesto with that style in mind.

Here’s some sneak previews of what you can expect in this visually appealing 35 page digital manifesto.

Or perhaps this…

Lesson 22 embrace the fear of failure

There’s also a splattering of photos of me spread throughout to keep you entertained. That and because I finally had my photos updated while in Cape Town for PR and the like and they’re kind of cool!

Click here to go get it now

Let me know what you think in the Facebook comments on the page

PS if you’re not on Twitter or Facebook and so can’t share it in order to download it… first off why not?  Second I can send you the guide via email if you leave a comment below.