[249] The Exact Apps and Tools I Use As a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

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The Exact Apps and Tools I Use As a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Like any online entrepreneur I love me some gadgets, tools and new technology and I see them as an investment in my business too.

And there’s nothing like dropping your perfectly good iPhone 6 Plus down the toilet (by mistake) to make you start again from scratch when you’re setting up your new replacement phone.

I’ve taken a good hard look at the apps I was using versus what I actually use every single day, and which ones I MUST have and which ones are really just for show.

As you know I’m also about minimalism and only working with what you need, so in today’s Fresh in Fifteen episode I basically reveal exactly which apps I have on my phone, that sync also with my new iPad Air 2 and my MacBook and how I work with them.

Plus I share some cool new gadgets I’ve purchased that I think every lifestyle entrepreneur should consider, especially if you run your business predominantly online and work from anywhere.

So listen to this Fresh in Fifteen episode now:

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Key Resources I mention or add value to this podcast:


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I’d love to know your favorite MUST HAVE apps and tools you use daily in the comments!


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