21 Online Resources for Launching Anything – Best of the Best July Roundup

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20 Best of the Best Online Resources for Launching AnythingWith the launch of the Suitcase Entrepreneur book just around the corner, I’ve been feeling pretty launch happy.

In fact I’ve been eating, sleeping and pooping launch strategy and tactics for weeks now.

I know this is something many people in my community are keen to know more about too, so I curated articles, videos, podcasts.. basically everything I could get my hands on to bring you the best information, advice and tips for your next online launch.

Must read articles

Danny Iny broke down his $294,865 launch through a 25-day perspective – the amazing, the terrible and the downright difficult. Valuable doesn’t even begin to describe it.

And then Anne Samoilov wrote this guest post on Problogger with 3 emails that you gotta send before, during, and after your launch (with templates to boot).

Now when it comes to money, entrepreneurs are always asking me what they should be charging for their products. Hopefully you’ve figured this out way before your launch, but maybe you can use these for the next one:

Jenny Shih talks about her perfect pricing strategy and Alexandra Franzen asks three questions that she uses every time to figure out what to charge.

I also had Sandy Sidhu write about 10 steps to the art of launching right here on this blog!

Lewis Howes wrote a really insightful post on how to sell a product online (before you create it) also known as pre-selling.

And finally, if you’re freaking about your launch, here’s the cure – courtesy of Jonathan Mead from Paid to Exist.

Brilliant Podcasts

Then Jessica Kupferman jams about launches with Anne Samoilov and her program Fearless Launching program  (Anne used to be the launch master for Laura Roeder among many other entrepreneurs) – and in classic Lady Business Radio fashion about random things like Anne’s former life as a lead singer.

Of course you can check out a podcast about launching a podcast. This one comes from me and my interview with John Lee Dumas on how he launched a podcast with over 230,000 monthly downloads and over 12k in monthly sponsor dollars.

Finally I love the latest episode from Chris Ducker’s New Business Podcast with Rich Brooks on how to successfully market your small business online which is packed with juicy content on blogging, social media, list building and much more.

Must watch videos

Ever wonder why your info product flopped? David Siteman Garland totally lays out the truth about why your launch didn’t go well with two tips that will save you next time. I highly recommend you check out his free video series about how to create awesome online courses too – David really knows his stuff.

Launching can be a roller coaster. Nathalie Lussier talks about the requirements of any launch.

And then Tim Ferriss talks about if you’re ready for launches and how that ties into national media mentions – with juicy tidbits about how he learned what works in sales.

I’d like to top it off with some tough love from Derek Halpern about why people fail.  You’re going to need to hear what he has to say as launching anything online is going to set you up for many magical moments, and many failures so I want you to be prepared.

Top online tools

Think selling online has to be difficult after hearing about the bells & whistles of shopping carts and affiliate systems? Enter Gumroad. Such an easy online payment system – especially for entrepreneurs selling creative wares as all you need is a link to sell.

I recommended it in my Suitcase Entrepreneur book (that’s a brand new website today!), Amy Clover used it for her 30×30 workout series, and Caleb from Think Traffic touted its praises.

You’ll most definitely need a landing page, squeeze page or sales page…and you probably want to avoid all of the technicalities that come along with them. That’s why I tell most people to just buy Leadpages, which I use all the time because it makes marketing and selling your stuff online seamless and easy and what’s more – you actually get conversions.

Oh and I’m VERY excited about the new release version of Optimize Press launching soon – btw that link gives you access to a free training video on the Top Five Reasons People Fail Online – is there a theme happening here??.

While they also allow you create and launch all sorts of amazing launch pages  with their sexy templates, Optimize press lets you build and publish full membership sites and integrate with email platforms and payment providers. Bonus! I’ve used it for my Social Media Bootcamp, Ultimate Toolkit and WE Mastermind.

Online random goodness

WHAT. 14 Google tools that you didn’t know existed.

Oh, and want to avoid crazy data charges abroad? Read this, and you’ll be good to go.

Spotted a great online resource about launching this month? Please share a link to it in the comments below.