[198] How To Get Paid To Speak And Share Your Passion with Grant Baldwin

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If I’m honest I think most of us dream of one day standing on stage, delivering the most epic talk of our life, to an audience that are just hanging on our every words.

198 Grant Baldwin QuoteYet the jump between your current reality and making that happen can seem completely daunting.

So if you are thinking of becoming a paid speaker and spreading your message with the world, what steps do you actually need to take to land your first paid gig?

Luckily for you I bought in the highly likable and energetic Grant Baldwin who has spoken at 400 events and given literally thousands of presentations in conferences, assemblies, conventions and other events.

He’s also earned over $1 million dollars in speaking fees to date!

Grant always enjoyed speaking and helping other people. So much so that he actually went to Bible college and became a youth pastor!

After several months, he decided to start a career as a speaker. He worked hard and hustled to build his business and get booked to speak.

And let me tell you he reveals a wealth of information and advice on how you can go about doing this yourself today. So listen in now!

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • Why you don’t want to speak to everybody – especially when you’re just starting out
  • Grant’s take on how, or IF you should be charging to speak
  • How to gain, and keep momentum in the speaking circuit
  • The three CRITICAL questions to ask yourself when starting your speaking career
  • How to land your first speaking gig
  • Why preparing your speech or presentation is just like writing a book

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In this IV, @grantbaldwin shared an incredibly helpful tip that he’s used on his journey towards getting paid to speak

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