[193] Get Back On Track To Achieve Your Goals In 2015

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If you really, truly want to rock out this year both personally and professionally, you have to set SMART goals and take action toward achieving them.

OnePageAnd it’s probably that time of year to take a look at whether you’re on track for doing just that….holiday season is over for many and now it’s time to focus and ramp everything up.

Are you happy with where you are at? Or are you completely not on track at all?

If you’re the latter then this episode is for you.

This week I pulled out my 1 Page Biz Plan to reevaluate my year, see if I am on track and look at other areas that I could be doing better in.

Let me tell you it felt gooooodddddd to lay it all out into just one page. So my challenge to you over the next week is to complete or update your 1 Page Biz Plan using my free template (you can find that below).

Listen in to what I am talking about and an example of how to fill it out.

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Or simply read the guidelines below to get started right now.

The One Page Business Plan

Here’s how it works, each point below is one section:

  1. Write out your mission – a sentence that gets your fired up on why you do what you do
  2. State your 5 main BHAGS – Big Hairy Audacious Goals (make them SMART goals too – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound)
  3. Write down 5 strategies to achieve those BHAGs
  4. After that, write down one figure – your total annual budget
  5. Then write your annual income projection
  6. Write out your Income Projections and very brief explanations of what makes up your revenue streams (this is how you get the figure for No 5.)
  7. Follow this with a section on Future income projection – all those things you really want to achieve that are part of your bigger vision
  8. State your total projected costs and expenses and follow with a brief explanation, e.g $8,000 pa (rent), $9,000 (contractors), $700 (phone) etc
  9. State your personal credentials (degrees, awards etc) to remind yourself why you’re`worth it’
  10. Finally, state your 2-3 areas of personal growth and skills you want to invest in this year such as coaching or courses

Key Resources:

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Stimulating, thought provoking and oh so practical too.

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I’m really enjoying Natalie’s podcast. She is down to earth and authentic – a breath of fresh air. She has a great variety of guests and asks the sorts of questions that get to the nitty gritty and provide useful tips and gems. I’m in the start up phase and look forward to each and every episode.

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