19 Invaluable Resources for Producing Brilliant Online Content

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19 Invaluable Resources for Producing Brilliant Online Content

It goes without saying that without starting my blog, I wouldn’t have a business.

Like I talked about in this post on the 24 blog lessons I’ve learned over two years, blogging has truly changed my life.

And I’m always encouraging you to create awesome content because it’s a proven way to build trust and provide value for your community, and in turn increase traffic to your website and generate leads that turn into sales, so you can build a profitable long-term business.19 Invaluable Resources for Producing Brilliant Online Content

But blogging is a beast all on its own and it takes time to master, just like anything else.

That being said, it’s worth the steep learning curve and to help you get started or to keep moving you along, I’ve curated 19 of the best articles, podcasts, and videos to make sure you have the highest quality information on how to create content and build a blog that matters.

Must Read Articles

The lovely Corbett Barr offers up 42 tips for upping the quality of your content + gaining more visitors to your website that will convert. Best of all? They’re timeless.

At a loss for what to write about at all on your blog? Use Google Analytics to make it 10x easier on you. The analytics are a goldmine of information.

If you don’t have Google Analytics set up on your site yet, read this article where I talk all about tracking metrics for your site and social media.

If writing isn’t your strongest suit and you want to become a better writer, but you’re not sure how then start with #3 (Become a Pro) of this article that I wrote after one of my digital sabbaticals. 

If you REALLY don’t like writing then you can use social sites like Instagram to create great content that engages your fans.

This is one huge strategy that you might be missing that makes content so much easier to produce and allows you to “be everywhere.”

Still having difficulties producing so much content? Read these three tips on how you can streamline the process.

If you’re wondering why your content isn’t as effective as you thought it would be, you’re gonna love this one from the wonderful Laura Roeder.

Looking for a simple list of best practices for content marketing? Here you go!

Still need a plan and structure for blogging for your business? My Blogging for Business Success training could be the answer to all of your questions.

Brilliant Podcasts

Is blogging really going to last in the long-term? The Fizzle Team (whom we love over here at The Suitcase Entrepreneur HQ) invited some awesome bloggers on the show to talk about what’s in store for the future of blogging. (They also make some really awesome Lord of the Rings comparisons.)

Thank goodness Chris Ducker asked C.C. Chapman how to create content the right way + how to use video and photography within content marketing. Tons of gems in here. Check it out. 

Looking for a simple system to create content? Listen to my interview with Greg Ciotti, of Sparring Mind, where he reveals his 2-step system for creating valuable content on a regular basis and how he uses this content to compete with big brands.

Interested in using video to create content instead of the typical writing/blogging? Listen to this podcast  to learn three actionable tips to get started on Youtube.

Must Watch Videos

Still looking for a foundation to build a blog? Watch this video of me walking you through the strategic process step-by-step.

If you’re experiencing writer’s block, Nathalie Lussier will shake you out of rut with these unconventional blog post ideas.

Does it take you forever to write anything – especially high quality content? Marie Forleo shares 8 ways to create awesome content quickly.

If you don’t know the shortcuts about creating content then you definitely need to check out these from Jenny Shih. 

Did Gideon Shalwick really find a way to make videos go viral? Find out for yourself.

Spotted a great online resource about launching this month? Please share a link to it in the comments below.

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