[183] 3 Travel Hacks to Save You Time, Money or Make the Most of the Moment

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Often times, we solo travelers find ourselves in difficult situations just like what I’ve experienced here in Portugal. This may or may not happen to you, I hope not, but if it did, how would you handle it?

3 Travel Hacks to Save You Time, Money or Make the Most of the MomentOne Saturday night I was leaving my apartment to get some groceries and as I was leaving I realized I was holding my scooter keys instead of my apartment keys..as the door slammed shut.

What’s worse, I’d left my mobile phone charging inside and suddenly realized I had no way of getting in touch with the owner or anyway to get back into my apartment.

It made me realize how much we rely on being connected, our phones and the ability to access email at all times. Since I had none of those I was totally stuck.

In this episode I discuss:

  • How I got out of this sticky situation and turned it into an opportunity and great experience.
  • What to do when you leave your mobile phone in a public cafe…yes I did that the day after locking myself out of my apartment.
  • My travel tip for when you’re at the airport and in danger of missing your flight.

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