[177] Building your Dream Team to Scale Your Business

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If you’re still trying to do everything by yourself, and think you can’t afford a team of experts to help you build and scale your business, then think again.

Building your Dream Team to Scale Your BusinessWe all need a kick ass team to help us build an amazing business so we can lead an incredible life and building one might seem daunting, unless someone’s already got a dream team waiting for you.

Back in October 2013 I put out a podcast episode about creating your Virtual A Team. I thought wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have all those people you need on your team like SEO experts, copywriters, web developers, virtual assistants and audio/ video editors, but don’t need access to all the time, at your fingertips.

I even bought the domain name Virtual A Team and figured if there was enough positive response, I could go ahead and create this service for time-strapped and bootstrapped entrepreneurs.

I quickly realized though, that even though the response was great from you – my community, the last thing I wanted to do was farm out my small team and end up losing them to clients as they got really busy, nor did I want to go through the process of finding, hiring and training the perfect team – that would be recruitment and management which is NOT what I’m personally interested in.

Luckily I got to know Erlend Baake after reading his bestselling book ‘Never Work Again’ and found out he’s already gone ahead and developed my idea with his service the Dream Team over at Mr Outsource.

In this episode I go over who should be on your dream team, why I’m trying out his service and how helpful my small but capable team of contractors and freelancers have been in helping me grow my business.

Oh and you’re invited to a free live webinar with Erland and I on July 15th on “How to generate $20,000 a month thanks to outsourcing”. Listen in for details or check the links in the resources below.

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could just hire your dream team so you can scale your business? Well here’s how!

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