[170] How to Get Paid to Be Your Creative Self With Stephanie Halligan

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Get Paid to Be Your Creative Self With Stephanie Halligan

I know a lot of super creative people with more talent than I can shake a stick at. But often those very same people are undervaluing their work and claim to be lousy at marketing themselves.

What’s more they often aren’t focused on the business side and purely want to create art.

By Stephanie Halligan
By Stephanie Halligan

While I totally get that, that attitude creates the ‘starving artists’ syndrome all too often, which is why I like to look to people who have mastered both their creative genius and getting paid what they’re worth.

That’s why I’ve brought in Stephanie Halligan, a talented cartoonist who was once hesitant to reach out and talk to other successful people, podcasters and media in order to grow her business, until she realized she was doing herself a disservice.

After college, Stephanie got into a lot of student debt and that sparked her interest and passion to get people get out of debt. So she created her first blog about personal finance, where she shared what she was doing to pay off her debt.

As soon as she started adding cartoons on her personal finance blog though, the traffic and social shares just took off and she gained a lot of popularity.

From there she started getting guest post interviews, paid freelance writing gigs, and selling cartoon prints, which has led her to grow her team at Art to Self.

In this episode we dig into what Stephanie has learned as a female artists, how to ask for what you’re worth, value your art and get what you deserve.

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • How to go from starving artist to a thriving well paid one
  • Why sticking with what you’re good at and continue to upskill pays dividends
  • How to add a point of difference to your blog that makes all the difference
  • Mixing art and business successfully to get paid what you’re worth
  • How to go about building your team to scale your business

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How to get paid to be your wonderful creative self and build a true business from your art @StephHalligan

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I love this podcast ..I loved the one with Luke about the nutrion for children ..such an important topic, sometimes it good to stop and see why we’re entrepreneurs in th first place.. I really appreciate the diversity of your guests, and how you focus on that, some people do love their ‘desk jobs’ and Ive often recommended this to them as they love what they do but want the diversity of stories and causes and how-tos. Keep up the amazing work Natalie!

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