[167] The Non Copycat Way to Start a Legit Business From Scratch

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In this Fresh in Fifteen episode, I’ll answer a great and honest question I got via email from a community member.

It’s a growing trend I’ve been witnessing (and you probably have too) that frankly worries me – people who’ve just quit 167 - The Non Copycat Way to Start a Legit Business From Scratchtheir jobs starting an online business teaching people how to either A) Quit their job or B) Start an online business.

It’s worrying because often these people have zero experience in advising others or running a business and are just hustling to get some revenue in the door rather than looking to their sweet spot to actually build a bayonets based on what they know, are good at and will actually help others.

Here’s Lake’s question:

I keep reading article after article by inspiring people like you who created an online business, make decent money, and get to travel the globe while doing it. The articles are usually offering encouragement for people who have the same urge, and it all sounds great. The thing is, every single one of those articles is written by somebody whose lifestyle and travel is funded by…blogs and other products encouraging people to be entrepreneurs, etc. It seems like a catch-22 of “you too can be your own boss if you open a business telling people they too can be their own boss!” I totally don’t mean to sound flippant, and I’m very sorry if I do.

But what would be your advice to people to whom that lifestyle appeals but for whom that business would not make sense? I don’t see how I can have a business where I claim to give people advice on how to be entrepreneurs if I haven’t started a business other than that same hypothetical self-help business. I don’t have any particular business idea that would allow me to travel, and I don’t have any particularly skills or expertise that would allow me to be a freelancer or that would lead someone to tolerate my working remotely when they can have someone working in their office 9-5. So what do I have to offer that someone would give me money in exchange for?

Wanna hear my answer and advice to Lake and anyone else just starting out? Then listen in now.

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