[163] Behind the Scenes of the Freedom Plan Launch Success – Part 2

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163 CoverIn the previous Fresh in Fifteen podcast I took you behind the scenes of my most recent and hugely successful Freedom Plan launch.

I talk about the importance of planning far in advance, three valuable lessons I learned, what I did differently from my last launch and what I’ll apply next time to make it even better.

In this episode, you and I dive into two areas post launch that made a huge amount of difference for the longevity and goodwill of The Freedom Plan program, plus I share a bunch of useful tips to apply to your own launch.

So if you plan on launching a product or a service, I hope these lessons will help you. Click play above to listen right now.

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • The two post launch tactics that made a big impact on the value to my new customers
  • How to show that you care for people who have invested in you
  • The biggest mental block I want everybody to overcome

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Revealed: Two post launch tactics that will set you apart and why caring about your customers increases your ROI

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I look forward to each new episode of Natalie’s podcast. The way she interviews her guests is something to aspire to: conversational, energetic, and driven by great questions. I’ve improved my own interview technique by carefully listening to hers. Natalie is amazing. I love this podcast!

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