[160] Travel the World Like a Rockstar for US$750 a Month With Tommo and Megsy

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160 QuoteA lot of people ask me if it’s really cheaper to travel full time than be based in one place. My answer is YES!

Especially if you’re not aiming to travel to the most expensive countries in the world. Two people are proving this is more than possible and that’s why I got them on my show.

The delightful Tommo & Megsy are bloggers, podcasters and photographers who’ve visited over 75 countries and have been full time digital nomads since April 2013.

After spending so long on the road, they’ve proved that you can travel full time, in style, anywhere (apart from Antarctica & Outer space!), for less than $750 USD per month.

Tommo who’s originally from the UK, caught the travel bug in 2006 and since then has spent his time seeking out ways to get paid whilst traveling.

Over the years he’s been honing his skills to become the “ultimate budgeteer”. The past has brought about an insatiable wanderlust that can only be satisfied by bigger and better travel experiences.

Megsy, originally from Australia, decided to head overseas in 2006 by herself and ended up on a Geckos tour for a large portion of the trip.  Then in 2010 she met a boy who, it turns out, had a love of travel just like her..both of them never want to stop traveling.

So if you’re up for learning how to travel on a tiny budget and you want to know how to constantly seek out the next adventure, make sure that when you get to your destination you make it worthwhile, meet awesome people and have an amazing time so that by the time you’re old and grey you have a great story to tell…. then listen up!

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • What the real purpose is behind Tommo & Megsy’s travels
  • A peek behind the scenes of their daily life on the road
  • Tactics you can use to get awesome housesitting gigs like they did around the world
  • How these two are making money online and funding their travels
  • Tommo and Megsy’s favorite $5 experiences
  • Key tips for couples for keeping the romance alive
  • Why Tommo & Megsy think that podcasting is the hot trend for 2016

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It’s obvious that Natalie loves what she does. Great job on the interviews. The info is clear and to the point.

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