[158] How To Relish and Scale Your Business With Sarah Ladyman Bax

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158 QuoteYou’ve heard about people starting successful businesses from their kitchen table, well Sarah Ladyman Bax did exactly that when she discovered she made exceptionally tasty relish.

Before she knew it she was inundated with orders for her businessRelish This – It’s not just for Nanas, that she could barely keep up with, cooking furiously away from her kitchen, and working longer and longer hours.

From there she made the big leap to a commercial kitchen and getting into major stores and got featured in numerous publications like The Sydney Morning Herald’s – Good Food Guide, Not Quite Nigella, Australian Businesswomen’s Network (ABN), and was even voted tastiest preserve at Sydney’s Good Food & Wine Show (by the attendees).

And this is where the story takes a big twist….

Sarah has a passion for heart-based business and is currently writing her first book, The Story of Relish This (Part Memoir, Part Cookbook, Part Business how-to), to share how she built a six figure foodie empire from her kitchen, to inspire others and release her famous relish recipes.

She wishes to become an advocate for entrepreneurial ventures created with kindness, and crack open the traditional business landscape to change the way “we do business”. She is currently planning an innovative, social enterprise in the rural suburb she now resides in, with the hope to remake room for the magic, power and potentiality of community.

I’d really love for you to listen in to this incredibly honest and raw interview as Sarah details out exactly what happened with her dream business and where she is today.

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • How Sarah started out in her journey from her kitchen with a knack for making relish
  • Sarah’s journey to building a nationally recognized gourmet relish company
  • How scaling a business and creating boundaries needs to go hand in hand
  • 3 learning lessons that will help you stay focused on staying true to your dream

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How To Relish and Scale Your Business from scratch from your kitchen w @sarahladyman

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