[Day 3] Creating A Vision For The Future

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My vision for the future, more than anything else, has helped me create freedom in my life and business.

I had a crystal clear vision for where I wanted to be, even if I didn’t know exactly how I would get there.

I knew where I wanted to live, where I wanted to travel to, what kind of people I wanted to spend my time with. And I wrote all of this down in a Painted Picture so that I could draw inspiration from it every day.

You can view that vision right here.

In fact, there have been studies that prove people with written goals are more likely to achieve them. That’s because the clearer you can get about exactly what you want your life to look like, and write it out in detail, the more likely it is to come true.

That is why I want you to become crystal clear on the lifestyle you want to live in the future.

Today’s challenge is all about creating your Perfect Day, and it’s a lot of fun too. Watch the video below where I explain what the Perfect Day exercise is, share my Perfect Day with you, and help you come up with yours.

Day 3 Challenge: Now that you know what a Perfect Day is, I want you to visualize yours and write it down as a blog post. Start with the moment you wake up, through to the time you go to sleep.

Be as detailed as you can – what do you see, smell, feel and see. Remember to write in the present tense, as if you are living this day right now. It makes it much more real and feels more inspiring. If you want to, you can add in in pictures and graphics too. Have fun with it!

Instructions for today’s challenge:

  1. Write a reply to the day’s challenge in the form of a blog post on your own blog. It doesn’t have to be long, 200 words are enough. But I do want you to think about it deeply because it will help you start to create a life you love – trust me.
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I will talk to you tomorrow,

Natalie xo