10 Twitter Tips For The Time Strapped Entrepreneur

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Things people should not do on Twitter

In honour of Social Media Month here on this blog (not in the whole world which I’m touched somebody thought it was after reading it here…) I want to focus on my favourite social media tool, Twitter.

Perhaps it’s the brevity of Twitter, the succinctness it forces people to adopt in a world where people love to over explain things. Or perhaps it’s the fact that it can be super fun to just tweet, retweet, DM and join the conversation to talk about highly interesting topics or your fluffy cat.

I mean seriously Twitter has so many benefits that I love and it’s my number one driver of traffic to my website. Yet two and a half years ago I thought it was the silliest thing in the world and I had absolutely no idea what to tweet or how it all worked – I mean did I just visit the Twitter website or was it some secret society I could only see if I logged in?

Ah those were the days and now look at how far I’ve come… yes I made the Forbes List 25 Most Influential Women Tweeting About Entrepreneurship. But really what does this mean? I GET Twitter. It is my marketing, sales and customer service team rolled into one.

It’s the best source of real time information on the current trends that matter (and some that really don’t) day in and day out. It’s a hang out joint where your friends are, where great discoveries can be made and lives can be changed (think of earthquake relief funds, twestivals, Steve Jobs tributes).

In fact I’ve found clients on Twitters, interns, team members, press opportunities, new friends, free accommodation and useful airport tips which saved me from missing my flight.

So in the interests of time, you busy people you. I’m giving you the skinny on why Twitter rocks:

1. Short and Sweet:

Want to get retweeted more then stick to the optimum amount of characters which is 130 (longer tweets generate more clicks according to Hubspot) and tell the world about your new product launch, latest blog post, breaking news, or – if you must, what you just did on the toilet.

2. Sugar and Spice:

You can find the best stuff on Twitter including inspirational quotes which are one of the sure fire ways to get retweeted and gain followers. In addition you can be provocative and put out your opinions to create quite a tweetering (made up word I’m claiming). Want to become savvy on Twitter – tweet great stuff out that inspires or impacts people.

3. Use Lists:

Use Twitter lists `to-do’ your work for you. Find interesting people under categories you’re interested in on Listorious and follow the best looking people – or preferrably the most interesting, then add them to your Twitter list(s) so that you can tweet out their stuff daily and clear out the clutter from your home stream (which by the way you should never really need to look at).

Listorious example of women and people lists

4. Save Time:

Rather than following each person in a list one by one go and visit Tweetml.org to follow an entire list in one go. Simple.

5. Clean Sweep:

While we’re at it if you want to unfollow people who have inactive accounts or just aren’t up your alley anymore, a little spammy or perhaps even not following you (shame on them 🙂 then use ManageFlitter unfollow people in one hit.

6. Stumble It:

If you’ve not yet done so then sign up to Su.pr and submit your tweets here to get more traffic and views via StumbleUpon. Plus install the WP-Plugin so that each time you post a new blog it sends it out with a shortened trackable StumbleUpon link.

7. Get Creative:

If you’re one of those people who still has no image associated to your Twitter account then please put one up. People trust people not images of an oval egg. Also put in a bio – you get up to 160 characters to get super creative and put in the right keywords to draw peoples’ interests for 5 seconds or less.

8. Just Tweet It:

If you’re hankering for what to say on Twitter then ask questions, float ideas, post polls and expect fast feedback as your following grows. If you’ve launched a product, new store or new campaign, use search.twitter.com for mentions of your brand, name or Twitter handle.

9. Hashtag It Up: 

Just like when you walk into a book store and look for the categories your book may fall under, the same applies on Twitter with hashtags. It’s a way of categorizing who might be interested in your tweet and no, nobody owns a hashtag – examples are #socialmedia #travel #sexylingerie and for a real treat look up what’s trending on Twitter like #thingspeopleshouldnotdo


Things people should not do on Twitter


 10. Use The Power of Hootsuite

If you want one social media management dashboard then Hootsuite is my top recommendation. Ever since I started using it earlier last year, it’s made my life on Twitter immeasurably easier. It’s my number one most used tool for managing not only my two Twitter accounts but also post to LinkedIn, Facebook – both my page and my profile and even more like tracking analytics, keywords, mentions and streamlining lists.

What is your top Twitter Tip?



  • Excellent post Natalie (thanks for the link!).

    I am with you on the value of Twitter, I must admit when Google+ came along I deserted Twitter for a few days but soon found myself drifting back to my old friend. It just seems to be a comfortable, friendly but still effective place to be for all the reasons you state.

    I still visit all those other social media places but Twitter remains my first port of call.

    Hoping all is going well for you 🙂


    • Natalie

      Hey Tony. Full credit to you on having a blog dedicated to Twitter’s greatness. I agree Google Plus is alluring and I do love that it’s a great mix of business and social but Twitter still holds the key to my Social Media heart 🙂 I’m super well thanks for asking. Enjoying the Rugby World Cup in full swing in NZ right now.

  • I just joined twitter last week so this information is extremely helpful. Thanks.

    • Natalie

      What Vernetta just last week? Oh my goodness. What fun you’re about to have. I’ve got a few other articles on this site around Twitter and my Social Media Workout for Entrepreneurs is also a popular read with lots of tips so check it out.

  • Natalie,
    Great post. My top tip is to know your social media settings. Too many people send out spam because their accounts are hacked from allowing bad apps into their settings. I wrote an article about social media settings and how to easily manage them here: https://daddybydefault.com/social-media-application-and-security-settings-how-to-opt-out-on-facebook-twitter-and-google-plus/

  • Great tips! When used properly, Twitter really is an amazing way to gain new friends, new business and new information!

  • Love spending some great focused time in twitter (well, usually through hootsuite) to connect with the cool people I already follow & meet so many new people. It’s really all about relationships, isn’t it? Thanks for the link to manageflitter – I think it’s going to really help. ~ Loralee

  • Thanks for another great post Natalie.

    I prefer TweetDeck rather than Hootsuite as I find it a bit easier on the eyes. Having that said, the major disadvantage of TweetDeck for me is you can’t link an FB page to it (or perhaps you can & I haven’t found it).

    A question for you – is there an easy way to schedule multiple tweets without having to do each one separately? Does the paid version of Hootsuite have that functionality?

    Warm regards

  • Great tools you are suggesting,TweepMl was down for a while, glad they are back up, (your link is broken though) and manageflitter rocks, thx

    Great tips


  • I’m one that doesn’t “get” twitter very much. I’ve had an account for years – but barely used it – I struggle to say anything useful in 140 chars!

    Also I find stuff is too cluttered – living in the wrong time zone, NZ, I’m mostly asleep when the rest of my online peeps are up – so I suspect most of tweets are never seen LOL

    I do really like G+ – its particularly good for photo sharing

    • Natalie

      Hey Lis. Lovely to have a fellow Kiwi on my blog and I see you’re based in Wellington. Since I adore Twitter and love talking about how it can benefit your business -especially you’re online one you should come along to my Wellington workshops next week and the week after.


  • I would definitely recommend Strawberryj.am and Buffer App for a busy entrepreneur’s Twitter efforts. It has helped us save time in looking for relevant content to share, as well as make it a breeze to schedule tweets! 🙂

  • Glad I found your website. I have so much to learn about Social Marketing. I have struggled with the idea of Twitter…but like your suggestion of adding inspirational quotes. I can do that!

    • Natalie

      Great to hear Tina. Yes they go down really well. I have several other blog posts on this site that you can search on under the Social Media Category that will help and also you should consider joining the Social Media Club https://suitcaseentrepreneur.com/social-media-club

  • Keith

    Although I have been using Twitter for around two years now it has only been of a fairly part time effort because although I know it is highly valued by many of the successful I have failed to figure out just how.

    This has made such a huge difference to how I will be viewing and using it in the future.

    Very Very Many BIG BIG THANK YOU’S

    • Natalie

      You’re welcome Keith and you should definitely check out some of my previous social media articles as well as my new free video series https://sculptedsocialmedia.com

  • nice info for twitter

  • this really help me for my twitter. many thanks Natalie

  • this really help me for my twitter. many thanks Natalie

  • Elizabeth

    I would love to see an update to this post! I have been dabbling in twitter (after falling away in 2011). I can’t decide yet if it is relevant, or just total junk. It seems useful for events, and in the moment trends, but not so much discussions and relationships.

  • Elizabeth

    I would love to see an update to this post! I have been dabbling in twitter (after falling away in 2011). I can’t decide yet if it is relevant, or just total junk. It seems useful for events, and in the moment trends, but not so much discussions and relationships.

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