10 Nuggets Of Wisdom Worth One Hundred Dollars To You

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This story is one of several being published to celebrate the $100 Change program and inspire you to take action.

Before I launched $100 Change to the world, I asked those on the early announcement list some of the exact questions that I asked the change-makers to give answers to for the 100 daily prompts.

This was one of my favourite questions and you – my community, gave some great and varied answers. When asked ‘what’s a nugget of wisdom that’s worth $100 to you?’ here are the gems of wisdom that they wanted to share with the world.

Don’t forget to share in the comments below the nuggets of wisdom that are worth $100 to you!

10 Nuggets Of Wisdom Worth One Hundred Dollars To You

1. Be Nobody But Yourself

To be nobody but yourself, in a world that is doing its best night and day to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle. Any human being can fight. And should never stop fighting.

– Greg Hartle, Founder of Ten Dollars and a Laptop

2. Get In A Feel Good Place

If you feel like crap while you’re working on whatever piece of the project, STOP.  Spend 5 minutes to get in a good feeling place and then keep working on it. Whenever you work on something from a feeling of “ugghh, have to, or this is bullsh*t” I guarantee you’ll have to do it again!! And again and again. Get in a good feeling space first!!

– Elena Harder, CEO & Founder of Evolving Humanity

3. Live Your Own Life

When Steve Jobs said “Everything you know as life was created by people no smarter than you are,” it was one of those defining moments where you feel like a new pathway in your brain was just developed. When you really think about his insight everything comes together, and everything after is so much easier. I really loved what he said because it also coincides with one of my core beliefs that I tell people “The only time you should really ever listen to what people have to offer is when you’re learning a specific skill from them. Other than that, the living of life is up to each person and not a single person knows any better than the next.”

– James Wightman, CEO & Founder of The Life Sketch

4. Know Your Worth

Your clients are not coming to you to buy 1 (or how many) hours of your time.  They are coming to you to buy what it is that you can do better than they do.

– Natasha Vorompiova, Founder of SystemsRock

5. Everything In Life Is Choice

This applies to all things; big, small, positive, negative, entrepreneurial or personal that happen, are presented to, or must be responded to in life. We create our own reality. Realizing this was a HUGE turning point after losing my father to suicide in late 2000. It has, in every way, led me to face my true entrepreneurial spirit, no matter how difficult or how fearful I was of it.

Before he passed I struggled with depression which kept me from pursuing dreams. His death became a wake-up call. This life was my CHOOSING! I began to work hard at changing my thought processes and to love this life. It happened slowly, but now if I begin to shrink into old patterns or fear or doubt my ability to achieve my dreams, I use the hard wisdom gained from my fathers choice and choose to think of it this way: Through his death he gave me life… I intend to use it!

– Mandy, Founder of Studio~M Photography

6. Go Fish

A great piece of advice is worth more than money. Give me a fish and I eat for a day, teach me how to fish and I can go shopping for life!

– Doina, Founder of @dis4business


7. Your Network Is Your Networth

Networking with other bloggers and online entrepreneurs is one of the fastest, most fun, fulfilling and meaningful ways to ensure your business’s success.

– Elise McDowell, Creator of the Inner Vibrance Project


8. Desire Your Definite Purpose

“There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, knowledge of what one wants and a burning desire to possess it. ” – Napoleon Hill

– Debi Auger, Founder of Designs by Debi

9. Make Great Art

Whatever is going on in your life or in your head, make art. Make great art! Paraphrasing Neil Gaiman in this talk:

Liza Dezfouli, Freelance Fashion Illustrator

10. Push Past Your Comfort Zone

“You never stumble upon an opportunity by standing still.”

My grandfather, who owned and operated a fur coat business for 55 years, told me that every time I would get stuck on a particular problem or issue. I consistently turn back to this quote to push me outside my comfort zone and in the vast majority of cases; I find that things are amazing out there.

KadeDworkin, Social Media Marketer

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