10 Ways To Make The Most Of The New Look Facebook Page

Facebook page message about the new look and changes

Yes they have done it again. Just when you think you’re on top of your Facebook page, they go and make significant changes. In this blog post I’m going to take you through the most important changes and how you can take advantage of them for your business. If you logged on to your Facebook ... CONTINUE READING

32 Reflections of Gratitude That Serve My New Year’s Resolutions

Flying Seagull

It crept up on me, 2011 did. I was having such a whirlwind time in 2010 that it arrived before I knew it. On 31 December I spent approximately 30 minutes writing up my 1 page business plan. Just 30 minutes because I’m so crystal clear in my head about what I want this year to be about. This is ... CONTINUE READING

Protecting Your Private Parts On Facebook, LinkedIn And Twitter

Facebook privacy settings

These days we tend to live online. Everything we put out onto the social web will remain there for eternity. That’s a scary fact and one you want to think about carefully every time you post an update, make a tweet or share your status. Imagine your grandkids doing a search on you in 40 years ... CONTINUE READING

4 Ways to Start Your Business for Less Using Black Friday Deals

GoDaddy Black Friday sale

Black Friday is somewhat of a phenomenon for those of us who didn’t grow up in the USA or Canada. Apparently it's now extending to the UK and Australia. For one day of the year, people go absolutely nuts for specials that happen the day after Thanksgiving, and it indicates the start of Christmas ... CONTINUE READING

5 Steps To Launching Your Online Product Without Going Crazy

Natalie with 4 bags

Speaking from experience, a product launch for your business is one of the most exciting yet also challenging events ever. Well definitely the first one. Back in the days when I was a Brand Manager for Schwarzkopf Professional haircare, I managed 11 brands under 4 categories and up to 500 ... CONTINUE READING

3 Hot New Social Media Updates From the Big Players

New Twitter button

So in my `official' role as a Personal Trainer I feel I owe it to you to keep you abreast of the latest exercises I'm conducting with my current Social Media bootcamps. In addition to my bootcamp attendees telling me how overwhelming it can be to learn all the tools, those very tools then go out ... CONTINUE READING

Are You A Social Media Snob Or A Non-Believer?

Natalie presenting Setting up a Facebook Page

I had an amusing experience last week where I was discussing with my friends how we were addicted to social media and how hanging out with people who weren't on it was causing problems - of snobbery. Ok so that may be a little over the top, but it’s kind of true. As I took a photo of us over ... CONTINUE READING

The Top Business Challenges We Face And How To Solve Them

Most challenging Areas in business

Over a month back I put out a survey that was comprised of just two questions with multi-choice answers. I made it as easy as possible for you busy entrepreneurs to give me answers. I was intrigued to find out if the key challenges that I struggle with in business were the same as my fellow ... CONTINUE READING