[Day 12] How to Use Your Personality to Stand Out Online

How to Use Your Personality to Stand Out Online

Honestly, when it comes to online business and branding, there are a million and one people trying to make money online. Besides the tricks of creating controversy or having a unique site design, the only genuine way you can be different is to simply be yourself. Your story makes you unlike anyone ... CONTINUE READING

[TSE 52] How to Build an Unrivaled Brand in an Overcrowded Online Space with Liz DiAlto

Liz DiAlto

Liz DiAlto, quite simply put, is a fitness bombshell whose core strategy is being herself online. This strategy, plus her total willingness to take more than one risk, put her on the fast track to differentiating herself in the overcrowded online space of fitness blogging. It also got her ... CONTINUE READING

Five Weight Loss Tactics For Business Travelers

Man walking in boots with luggage

This is a great guest post from Dr. Cory Annis is the MD for Entrepreneurs Travel makes maintaining or losing weight easier than living full time in the suburbs, even when those suburbs are well designed and expensive. That’s the counter-intuitive observation of many entrepreneurs and ... CONTINUE READING

29 Lessons Learned On Turning Fear Into Your Defining Moments

Cafe Chaos

From time to time I like to hit you up with an inspirational post. Usually when I'm in the moment and it just comes gushing out, or when I've been doing a lot of deep thinking. Or when I've been reading other people's articles and posts, who are far more worthy of your deserving attention when it ... CONTINUE READING

How to Bike 4,000 Miles Across Africa While Running Your Business and Raise Over $12,000 for Women Win

Natalie riding a bicycle

Two months ago to this very date, I arrived in Cape Town South Africa with 4,000 miles under my belt, an experience of a lifetime and some really bad tan lines. I'd just completed The Ride of My Life - a personal challenge like no other and a huge test of whether my business could survive me ... CONTINUE READING

Will You Be My Human Powered Awesome Valentine?

Natalie on the road with hearts

Have you ever felt compelled to do something that quite frankly scares you a lot yet excites you at the same time? I'm talking about doing something that takes you way out of your comfort zone, to prove that life is what you make of it, and your living small is serving no-one at all. It's ... CONTINUE READING