[TSE 36] Embracing the Barefoot Nomad Lifestyle and Building a Business and Blog On Your Own Terms

Micki Kosman

Micki and Charles Kosman have been to numerous locations around the globe and have been traveling and living in different destinations for over 10 years now. They both love travel and technology and have managed to combine both their loves into living a barefoot nomad lifestyle on their own ... CONTINUE READING

[TSE 25] Get Your Sprinkle of Creativity With April Bowles

Woman inside a shopping cart with laptop

April Bowles of Blacksburg Belle is another awesome female blogger that empowers women to build a business based on their creative hobby and I had the pleasure of interviewing her for my Suitcase Entrepreneur podcast. She is passionate about helping women build a brand and business for those that ... CONTINUE READING

25 Incredible Lessons Learned – Your Free Manifesto

25 lessons learned in business - lesson 1

Every so often you feel inspired to write down every major lesson you've learned in business, in order to share your knowledge with others, so they can benefit. Otherwise what the heck is the point in understanding and applying all this stuff?! So that's precisely what I did to celebrate my two ... CONTINUE READING

24 Incredible Lessons Learned From Being In Business

Natalie Sisson handstand South Africa

Warning - this post is important to you,  it matters to me and it's epic.  So important I've turned it into a free manifesto you can get right here. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I sit back and realize I’m living the dream.  In just 24 months I have managed to build a thriving lifestyle ... CONTINUE READING

How To Create A Compelling Webinar Business – Lessons From My Small Biz Disaster

Webinar Blocks

Let's face it, as a business owner you are always looking for more ways to make money, right? If your business is predominantly online then you know how hard that can be. In fact making money online requires a lot of tenacity, innovation and persistence. If you hadn't picked up on it, I'm the ... CONTINUE READING