• http://www.corsetconnection.com/shop Nancy-Lynn

    This is great, Natalie – and really good timing. I’m completely lost right now – with SO many options, how in the world do we decide which sites to concentrate on? Google+ vs. Facebook vs. Twitter … it’s getting more and more confusing (and I have not even caught up with the FB changes… ) … Please help us all figure this out!

  • Natalie

    Thanks Nancy – I will attempt to do just that this month and hopefully others will chime in with their experiences and lessons learned too. So many great examples of people doing fantastic work on these sites out there.

  • Amber in Denmark

    I am still waiting for the Facebook to change from old to new possibilities. It seems as if they upgrade different parts of the world over time, and as Denmark is a small country (even though we are one of the countries with most fb-users counted in % of population) we’ll get the new user interface later than larger countries.
    I hope that following you, Nathalie, will make it easier to find the corners – when I get it some day …

  • http://www.JoyaOnda.com Mattea

    I’m in Natalie’s Social Media Club, which has provided me with tons of great SM resources & questions for perfecting my internet marketing skills. I want to share some of the questions I asked Natalie recently & her responses. I think they might be helpful for others.

    How do I customize JoyaOnda FB & Twitter URL, if they are already created?
    – Natalie: For Facebook you go to http://facebook.com/username and claim your vanity URL for your page. For Twitter your URL is your just your Twitter name so http://twitter.com/joyaonda – that happens when you choose your Twitter name

    How do you usually handle direct messages on Twitter? I have had 2 randoms write me with equally random information such as a pitch for their site & one on how I should use true wit (validity service for twitter)
    – Natalie: a lot of it is spam. I only read it through Hootsuite and I’m pretty sure it deletes most of the spam. I only use it for sending my email or contact details to people, asking them to share or comment on a post or for biz or personal messages not meant for the public timeline. I generally keep an eye on it each week for personal messages

  • http://www.garious.com Aaron Eden

    Thanks Natalie… I didn’t know that October is a ‘Rediscover Social Media’ month and too bad, I’ve only seen the event now. I think, if there’s one thing I’d love to rediscover about social media is… the fun that we used to have when we don’t really think much about metrics and ROI, where we simply engage with everyone because we genuinely value what they have to say. Good luck to the event & more power!

  • Natalie

    Hey Aaron. It’s social media month on my blog – not sure it’s an international thing :) Just something I chose to focus on. Also the event I’m part of that I mention is happening right now and we’re about to head into the final panel wrap up if you want to join the livestreaming here http://www.facebook.com/thecreativecollective?sk=app_196506863720166

    I’m totally with you on the fun part, you’ve just inspired a post around ways to put more fun back into it!

  • http://www.theathenanetwork.com Zsa Zsa

    This is great Natalie, you listed some really insightful questions on social media here. I think we should ask ourselves these questions on a regular basis.Very important to keep track of our social media efforts! :)

  • http://www.makementionmedia.com/ Jen Havice

    I’m with you on all of this. I continually get people telling me how frustrated with social media they are these days. They don’t know what to do with it or how to leverage it. Even though it’s part of what I help people with, I feel as though I struggle at times. There’s too much to stay on top of and learn. For me personally, it’s about staying focused and being effective with my efforts.