If you didn’t notice we’ve just hit a new month. Today is a new day, and time for a new way of looking at your beloved (or disliked) social media sites. I know I am set on rediscovering exactly what it is that I love about social media that’s helped me build my business into what it is today.

October is `Rediscover Social Media’ Month

I’m getting so many emails and questions these days about the constant Facebook changes, whether Google Plus is `all that’, how to handle the overwhelm of Twitter and so much more.

I feel many of us are hitting our limits on how much we are prepared to learn, how much time we want to invest in this constantly changing landscape. Somewhere along the way we’ve lost our love of these amazing tools and now see them as a burden, or put them in the too hard basket.

Instead of acknowledging the incredibly useful set of sales, marketing and customer features they provide that your business can integrate into your daily activities.

I feel it’s time to take a fresh approach on social media. It’s time to relearn what we already know in order to make sure we’re getting the most out of Quora, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, Digg, StumbleUpon, Facebook, LinkedIn and the other myriad of cool tools designed to save us time and measure our results.

If you’ve got stuck in habits and rituals that just don’t serve a purpose, then you can join me on my quest to make social media insanely useful.

I know for a fact that incessantly checking my iPhone for new notifications and updates is not a good use of my time. That I’ve recently lost touch on commenting on my favourite blogs and that I could do a better job of consistently tracking my progress across all the platforms and using that meaningful information.

The vibrant and growing Social Media Club I run (and that you can join) is ensuring I keep on top of my game in order to share the latest and greatest updates, tips and tricks with the members. I want to be able to extend some of that insight and knowledge here too.

I’m also running several Social Media Workshops for a variety of businesses and industries right now and this always throws up some new perspectives on how people really view social media and what challenges they have so I’d like to speak to more of those.

How To use Social media to drive business

Social Media Web courtesy of Shutterstock

I want to get back to the nuts and bolts of building solid foundations on social media, managing your time, making progress, seeing results, driving new business, creating the right conversations and relationships and staying on top of the constant feature changes.

Here’s some questions to ask yourself?

  • Are your current social media habits and rituals serving a purpose?
  • Are you playing strategically on social media?
  • Do you hunt out new business and attract the right leads?
  • Do you engage consistently and build trust and credibility?
  • Have you actually discovered all the useful features of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more?
  • Do you really understand Google Plus and its implications for your business?
  • Have you ever stopped to look at what you’re doing and whether you’re being effective?

If you’re answering NO to a lot of the above then stick with me. This month we’ll learn together. I’ve amassed a lot of great topics to cover and want to focus on the most important through out this month (in between the regular podcast and other updates).

Here’s what you can expect of Social Media Month on TSE

Together we will aim to answer the following types of questions:

  • How do you manage followers, measure and manage community growth?
  • How do you use social media to become an authority and build credibility?
  • Which of the platforms are the best for driving leads, building your brand and closing business?
  • Which social media tools will save you the most time and money and help you feel in control?
  • How do I build an integrated marketing plan and what is the best way to use my time each day?

Of course there are like a gazillion more topics and this is all about helping you out so here’s how you can play your part.

I’d love to know your most pressing social media questions. Just leave them below in the comments! Let’s do this.

PS If you’re located on the Sunshine Coast, Australia then you should check out the Creative Collective live event on Using Twitter for Business Success. It’s on 5th October (I’m on the expert panel and skyping in virtually). You can register or check it out here