Can You Crush It Using Social Media For Your Business?

If you haven’t heard of Gary Vaynerchuk by now then where have you been?

The master of video blogging, Gary has single handedly built a $60 million dollar business by reinventing the rules on his own terms and working his ass off.

It’s clear that Gary is no ordinary guy, I’m not sure that he sleeps much and has more energy than an entire factory of Red Bull. So clearly much of his success can be attributed to his amazing work ethic and desire to live and breathe his passion for wines, marketing and business development 24/7.

His book `Crush It. Why now is the time to cash in on your passion’ is one of those super enjoyable books you can devour in less than two hours.

If you’re looking for an intellectual book on how to make money online through use of Social Media tools then don’t read this. If you’re looking to get jazzed up on his pure enthusiasm and ability to make something out of nothing then it’s a must.

What comes through most in this book is that you have to be prepared to hustle every single day, to engage, to respond and to treat your audience/ community/ customers like gold by ensuring they get your personal touch.

You have to believe and be constantly building your business. You can do so much of this using Social Media and I’ve summarized Gary’s key 12 steps to do this below.

I’ve also reviewed the book in this short and entertaining video which I decided to do unscripted and with just one take (taking a leaf out of Gary’s book – literally). Don’t judge! I did say I’d start doing more videos….

Gary Vaynerchuk’s 13 Steps to Crushing It!

  1. Buy a domain name – nuff said (try
  2. Start a blog – use WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr
  3. Hire a web designer – I have to agree with Gary on this, it’s worth it if you’re serious, you can do this further down the track though
  4. Buy the tool for your business (Flipcam for Video Bloggers for example)
  5. Create a Facebook Page
  6. Create a Twitter account
  7. Sign up for – distributes your content to as many social networks as you have in one hit
  8. Start pumping out content – written, videos – whatever your poison is and make it personal. Be yourself.
  9. Get your content out there ( or Twitter or TubeMogul). Just do it Here’s where I think Gary’s business development skills started coming through if you already have those basics down pat (bar content, creating it is not basic!)
  10. Use to seek out people that may be interested in what you do, follow them and better yet @reply them to start a conversation. i.e if you’re a jeweller search terms to find someone like you! (I also highly recommend Twellow – the Yellow Pages of Twitter).
  11. Go to and type in keywords for your business, then go and leave a comment on each of those sites plus your name. (Note this may sound time consuming but it’s super valuable to do)
  12. Do a Facebook search on say `Jeweller’ under all search results, then search pages and groups. Join several and start engaging.
  13. Rinse and Repeat. In my mind this is one of the hardest things to do consistently but so crucial.

Also check out my free eBook `The Social Media Workout for Entrepreneurs’ for even more tips. Just sign up for my newsletter top right. Here’s a lovely review from Julia:

The Entrepreneur’s Social Media Workout is amazing. It helps a busy working woman learn what to spend more energy on AND what every network is and the best way to use it!

Julia Porter, Glamour Gals

Have you read Crush It!: Why Now Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion? If so what were your key takeaways or what have you learned from it that you implemented for your business?

  • Sandy

    I love Garyvee! I had the opportunity to hear him speak live when he was in Montreal last fall for his “Crush It” book launch. His energy is infectious and makes you realize that there is nothing you can’t do, as long as you put your heart and energy in to it. Whenever I lose sight or need motivation I listen to one of his videos: “Do what you love, no excuses”
    He tells it like it is.

  • Philip Brown

    Hi Natalie,

    Great review! I also really love Gary’s book! His videos are so fun to watch I love his passion and excitement. You’re pretty good infront of the camera too!

    Now get your hustle on! 😉

  • Natalie

    I will have to check that video out thanks Sandy. He is indeed infectious and I love his oodles of energy. You were certainly lucky to have seen him.

  • Natalie

    Hey thanks Philip. I appreciate your feedback, I have lots of improving to do but I did really enjoy it. How can you not love his passion and energy! Off to get my hustle on right now!

  • Mike Handy

    Have you checked out Linchpin… its a very good pair to Crush it. Gary has a product which helps most people don’t have a product yet! I think that is where 99.9% of people need to start. Products are hard and scary to come up with, Gary had wine..

  • Natalie

    Hey Mike. Thanks for the visit and your comment. Yes I definitely have. I LOVE Seth Godin and am going to make it my mission to meet him when I’m next in New York. In fact I wrote my own Linchpin-esque blog post which he commented on here

    I have it as an Audiobook and it’s definitely helped me through times when I started to doubt the artist within

  • camera-ny

    amazing video and post

  • ryan

    I am always extremely wary of anyone who calls themselves ‘social guru’
    or even ‘social expert’. The fact is that social media and its outputs
    in terms of marketing is still a black box to me. More importantly, it
    doesn’t replace the need to build a terrific product or service that you
    can then promote to your clients or user base. Focusing too much on how
    to use social media and attaching too much importance to the number of
    likes or twitter followers is an exercise in vanity.