This online program consists of 7 step-by-step workouts designed to get you in the best social media shape of your life, in your own time and on your own terms.

The Complete Social Media Workout for Entrepreneurs

Who Is the Social Media Bootcamp For?

The Skeptical – “Twitter is interesting, but it seems like a total waste of time!”
The Curious – “I’ve heard about Facebook and Twitter but I’m not sure about it.”
The Committed – “I’m already using social media, but I’m eager to see a return on my investment!”

No matter what stage you’re at, we’ll get you the knowledge you need, the ultimate workout and a personalized training plan to make sure you stay in top shape.

You’ll learn to:

  • master using social media to build your brand, find your audience and grow your business (and revenue)!
  • track and measure your goals so you know you’re actually getting somewhere.
  • get strategic with how you spend your time on social media (no getting overwhelmed and wasting time).

What’s included in the Online Program?

This entire program is accessed via one download that provides you with details on how to use this bootcamp plus access to the 7 downloadable PDF workout guides, 5 “How-To” videos on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and WordPress and other bonuses.

These workouts provide real business success stories, step by step instructions to create and customize each tool, and additional tools to take your workouts to the next level.

Click on the left hand nav bar below to see what each module contains!

The 7 Workouts:

Workout 1: The Top 5 Social Media Questions for Business Answered

#1: How do I measure social media return on investment?

#2: What are the social media marketing best practices?

#3: How do I best manage my time with social media?

#4: How do I reach my target markets with social media?

#5: How do I generate traffic and leads using social media?

Workout 2: Fabulously Fit With Facebook

With over 600 million plus active users doing business on Facebook is an absolute must.

  • How to create a fabulous Facebook page and customize it
  • The best applications to enhance your page and how to add them
  • How to create Facebook ads to maximize traffic to your page
  • Measuring ROI with analytics and some advanced exercises

Workout 2: Fabulously Fit With Facebook

Twitter continues to create tremendous buzz and is one of the biggest lead generating tools out there.

  • How Twitter works and using the right Twitter lingo
  • 15 things to tweet about to create an awesome following
  • How to use Twitter to target your market and beat out the competition
  • The most useful tools to save you time and automate the essentials

Workout 4: Lusciously Limber With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest network of business professionals out there. It’s the ultimate rolodex for leads.

  • Leverage the power of LinkedIn to create new business and alliances
  • Use the right LinkedIn Etiquette and share content to attract clients
  • Create credibility by creating your personal AND company profile
  • Create your own LinkedIn group and capitalize on a huge sales funnel

Workout 5: Vivaciously Vital With YouTube

The growth of online video has exploded and YouTube is the second largest search engine.

  • Create and customize your own vibrant channel
  • Attract viewers and drive real traffic to your sites to take action
  • Distribute your video content to millions to drive traffic and leads
  • Choose the right equipment to produce quality video that engages

Workout 6: Beautifully Buff Blog With WordPress

Having a business blog is like creating your own PR and marketing department for free!

  • Create a designer blog and write winning content
  • Organize your posts and optimize your content to drive traffic
  • Build a thriving community and understand blogging best practice
  • Add widgets and plugins to extend your blog’s functionality

Workout 7: Measuring Your Social Media Workout Return On Investment

There’s no use in working out if you don’t set goals to achieve and track your progress.

  • Setting your social media goals and the principles of social media ROI
  • Tracking tangible and intangible metrics and measuring actual reach
  • The power of social bookmarking and how to use it
  • Converting conversation, referrals and inbound links into paying customers

How It Works:

  1. First, you’ll receive the “How to Use This Bootcamp” short instructions guide with links to the Seven Essential Workout Guides, each will take about 30 minutes each to read.
  2. Every few days for two weeks, you’ll receive one of the Five Step-By-Step “How-To” Videos. These videos are approximately 30 minutes and will show you how to get setup on each site and customize them to your business needs.
  3. You’ll get six weeks of Ongoing Coaching via email with short, fun exercises you can conduct in about 10 minutes to ensure you’re using these tools to the best of your ability.
  4. PLUS two Social Media ROI Measurement Excel Spreadsheet Templates that you can customize to meet your needs. These worksheets will show you which metrics to track and how to set your SMART goals.

Ready to have some fun and get your butt kicked into shape?

I’ve combined hundreds of hours of learning, investing in tools and applying techniques to social media for amazing business results into this kick-ass bootcamp for you. I guarantee that if you apply your new found knowledge and skills you’ll make your investment back when you turn your increased traffic, leads and referrals into paying customers and clients.

The Social Media Bootcamp is just $247

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Testimonials from Past Bootcampers:

Natalie’s ability to deliver content with depth and detail is unsurpassed. She manages to teach her content to people with all different levels of abilities and still make sure people learn something new and valuable. The how to video format coupled with the guides allowed me to jump on the lessons learned and implement them into my small business immediately.

Cathy Goddard, Lighthouse Visionary Strategies

Even though I was already familiar with online marketing, I gained many new insights, strategies and tools to enhance my services and provide better value to my clients. Natalie had a wealth of information from statistics to processes and lots of tips and tools to use for integrating my social media strategy into my own business as well as those of my clients. Natalie delivers her material in an engaging, professional, intelligent and matter-of-fact way that resulted in us all leaving more empowered and well-versed in the world of social media. I highly recommend her services to any aspiring entrepreneur or business owner.

Christina Szokendi, Pivotal Concepts Studio

Natalie’s bootcamp covers not only the basics of how to utilize social media for the business, but also provides more in-depth information and top tips to implement. She also provides ample follow-up information and resources ensuring you continue to learn and apply your social media learnings.

Marionne Lugay, Ethical Deal

The most effective insights that I got out of the Bootcamp were the possibilities with Facebook and Twitter. Plus how to get the most out of our time using tools like Hootsuite to update the key social media sites all at once.

Blair Larratt, Get Smart Education

Who Is Your Personal Trainer?

My name is Natalie Sisson. I’m addicted to social media with over 10+ years experience in branding and marketing and 5+ year experience in social media strategy.

I’ve built my business on social media and seen incredible results and a loyal following (of over 20,000 fans, connections and followers on my various social media accounts).

I wrote the “The Entrepreneur’s Social Media Workout” book and also coach clients and small businesses.

I’ve been featured in Social Media Today, Huffington Post, Under30CEO, Young Entrepreneur and many more all as a result of building my business online using social media.

Read more about me.