“How many times have you heard someone say I’m quitting my job and moving to an island.

I did…sort of. I moved to Costa Rica, and although it is not an island I did find my own paradise.

I’ve been bitten by a bullet ant, slept with scorpions between my sheets, and hiked into a cave where a frisky crocodile was waiting for me.  And you know what?  It is still better than a day in the office.”

That’s what Nadine Hays Pisani has to say on her about page, and her decision to quit the rat race surviving on the hard earned savings she and her husband earned from their days as chiropractors.

She’s since gone on to blog about why she is happier than a billionaire and published a book that explains exactly how they did it and why they think it is still the best move they’ve ever made.

What’s different about this story is Nadine did not quit her job, move to Costa Rica and become location independent with the idea of starting her own business to survive. No, they decided to just not work anymore and see if they could live a life where happiness was the key factor.

They’d experienced working 70+ hour weeks for years and years in bustling New York City and they knew there was more to life than work. They knew there was more to life than simply earning money to spend it on material things.

Now their alarm clock is the ocean by the house they’re renting in Tamarindo, and they do what they want during the day like surfing, eating fresh fruit, writing and spending time with the locals. It sounds idyllic but there have been some challenging times and Nadine explains what it’s really like to live the Zero Hour Work Week in Costa Rica.

In this interview with Nadine Pisani Hays you’ll learn

  • What you need to consider before you make a life changing move
  • How you can live on less than $1,000 month and feel like a billionaire
  • How to use social media to connect with people and grow your blog by sharing your unique story
  • Why one email from CNN changed Nadine’s life more than she could have imagined
  • How to go about self-publishing your own book and proving the publishers wrong you rejected you!

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