Three Truths And Dare From The World Domination Summit

One thing that fascinates me about being in business for yourself is that the doubts, tough decisions and fear of failure – or success – never really leave you.

I definitely think they diminish as you gain more confidence and experience as an entrepreneur, and see growth in your business, but it never really goes away.

And along with growth, comes growing pains like having to hire more team members, invest in better systems, create better processes, and figure out how to scale without losing your values you’ve built your business on.

In essence this is you progressing to the next stage and needing to step up, and that requires guts.

I often get asked who I turn to when I’m taking a significant leap forward, when I need a pep talk, a dose of advice and insights or some serious focus.

My answer is I look to my mentors, accountability partners and friends. I also love TED videos and listening to podcasts or interviewing key movers and shakers for my podcast.

However nothing tops being part of a whole weekend of inspiration One where you’re surrounded by, and exposed to wonderful and smart people you can totally relate to.

People who have done some serious thinking, pondered the big questions, and then come up with the insights and strategies you need to hear.

Enter The World Domination Summit

Natalie Sisson is inspired at World Domination Summit

It’s my second year running that I’ve attended this summit in Portland, and not only had it doubled in size, it had doubled in terms of the quality of speakers, access to a great variety of  workshops, activities and an atmosphere where anything seemed possible.

I’d like to share the copious notes I took during the weekend in a much shorter format, spread out over several key blog posts during the month of August, and in a way that provides you with inspiration you can apply today, to create more brilliance in your life and business, tomorrow.

Important Note: I’m giving away a ticket to the 2013 World Domination Summit valued at $500 this Sunday.  Make sure you are in the draw to win it.

Now let’s get on today’s insights.

Don’t be afraid to get naked

Your experience here can not exceed your willingness to be vulnerable ~ Brene Brown.

We avoid vulnerability to not feel shame, scarcity, fear, anxiety or uncertainty.

We put on armour and leave it on, get locked in, and never take it off to let people in, or to be the person we want to be.

But if you’re vulnerable you can experience love, belonging, joy, hope, empathy, creativity, innovation, gratitude, adaptability. We need to get naked again.

When we lose our capacity for vulnerability joy becomes foreboding. For example you think you don’t deserve to be successful or to have a wonderful loving partner because thinking like that means you believe you won’t get hurt. But you still will be.

Truth: There is no emotion harder to feel then joy. It’s fleeting but you need to practice gratitude to get more joy in your life!

The power of vulnerability

Everyone is creative

Some people just choose not to use it.

Unused creativity is not benign. It doesn’t float away if not used. It turns into grief and frustration.

85% of the people Brene Brown interviewed can pinpoint one moment in their childhood when they were shamed.

It forever altered the way they thought about themselves and it was almost always around creativity, like being told you didn’t draw well.

Dare greatly: The only way to not get criticized or be cynical is to do nothing. Get in the arena and get your ass kicked a little. Fight to do your meaningful work. 

Brene Brown The Power of Vulnerability

You don’t need to fit in.

Belonging is an essential human need. But you don’t need to fit in.

You need a tribe of People who believe in something, like my $100 Change Initiative.

Many people have already joined the movement, put their name down to support my initiative and my daring greatly.

Others left comments like `If anyone can pull this off Natalie it’s you’. Others noted this is such a big challenge they’ll be amazed if I can do it.

I could be a shrinking violet and walk away from it. I could have not had the idea to get 100 change makers to share their wisdom over 100 days and inspire hundreds of entrepreneurs to do their best work.

But then I would not be standing out or standing up for what I believe in, I’d be fitting in. And that just won’t benefit you or me.

Truth: Who you are will always trump what people believe you should be.

Brene Brown and friends sing Don’t Stop Believing

You don’t have to be a bold extrovert to be a leader 

What it’s really about is having a deep-seated conviction.

That’s what Susan Cain believes. Author of The Power of Introverts. Susan says no-one is purely an introvert or extrovert. We are complex creatures.

We need to look past cultural bias such as the western world’s view of introverts as unfriendly and aloof. In Asian cultures itroversion is revered.

Introverts hold special powers that can make them very effective and successful as leaders and entrepreneurs, if they use the in the right way.

For example, you can hold really strong opinions but deliver them in a calm mild mannered way and be very effective in a group or team environment. Extroverts want to hear introverts good ideas, so don’t withhold them until after a meeting

While many introverts consider themselves shy, shy people are always acting in the face of fear. So courage is something they have a lead start on.

Truth: Courage is acting in the face of fear in the service of people you love.

Chris Guillebeau introduces Jonathan Fields interviewing Susan Cain

Chris Guillebeau introduces Jonathan Fields interviewing Susan Cain

To encapsulate all these messages, I’d like you to know that you are powerful when you’re vulnerable, and when in your introverted or extroverted state. You need to continue to get naked, to step up, to stand out and to believe in your convictions.

Only then will you be daring greatly and living on your own terms.

Tell me one truth you’ve learned from this post or one dare you’re going to take

PS make sure you learn more about the $100 Change Program inspired by Chris G


  • Claire Kerslake

    I love this Natalie! I’m especially pleased to hear that being an introvert isn’t a liability. Although I acknowledge that no-one is purely an introvert or an extrovert – I think I am 99% introvert!
    It’s great to read what you do when you want to leap forward – so we can take a leaf from your book! I think it is essential to get around bigger thinkers – people who can gently nudge you in the right direction.
    Thank you for being my inspiration and coach and catalyst for a fabulous now & even better tomorrow!

  • James


    That was excellent. Brene Brown was one of my favorite talks while I was there and it was the first opportunity I’ve really had to listen to her. The talk was so amazing.

    I do love the way that you strung together the specific talks and how they relate. It’s nice when you break it down in a way that’s easy to connect the dots.

    Great piece!

    – James

  • Natalie Sisson

    Ohhhh Claire you made me get a little teary. Thank you for being an inspiration in the leaps and bounds you’re making. Your extrovert tendencies are showing in your ability to put yourself out there on video, host your first webinar etc. Your introvert abilities make you the special considerate and thoughtful person you are.

  • Natalie Sisson

    Thanks James. I took so many notes I was wondering how to do this myself. That’s why I like a series of blog posts as each person had such different insights to share and they all relate, they just need their own space to be consumed. Brene was hilarious, inspiring, energizing and awesome. I need to watch her TED video now too!

  • Annemiek

    Your $100 challenge made me think about my shop blog. And I have set myself the challenge of writing 100 blogposts till the end of the year. I counted backwards and guess what, I will start on my birthday.
    Loved this post and need to think some more about veing vulnerable and not shy of showing it.

  • amorita

    One thing I realize reading your post is that I will never tire of reading about WDS and people’s takeaways from it! It’s like reliving my own experience a little bit at a time, through a slightly altered lens. Thanks for sharing and I will look forward to your followups.

  • Elena Harder

    I’m not sure I could tell you what my moment was, but I can tell you that this sentance made me cry.. Thank you for sharing and being a leader! :) It’s beautiful!

    85% of the people Brene Brown interviewed can pinpoint one moment in their childhood when they were shamed.

  • Sandy Sidhu

    Love it! Surrounding yourself with people who are going to raise you up and inspire you is so key…
    “Stepping up and standing out” is something to work on..a lifetime of undoing the ‘fit in’ mentality!
    I hope to make it to wds but in the meantime will vicariously live through your posts :)

  • Debi

    Love the recognition that you don’t need to be an extrovert to be a successful leader :) Personally I’m taking on the dare to “Dare greatly and fight to do my meaningful work.” As you know I’m one of those multi-passionate entrepreneurs. I’ve had people tell me that I can’t do all the things I want to do. I insist I CAN… and WILL. I’m standing up for my ideas and my plan and I’m ready to kick some ass (even if it means also getting my ass kicked some more in the process)!!

  • Natalie Sisson

    Wow that’s a fantastic mission indeed Annie. Starting on your birthday is very auspicious too. Go for it. And yes vulnerability is something I’m working on showing more of too as it’s not a weakness, it’s a strength and ultimately helps more people to connect with you and reach out to help you

  • Natalie Sisson

    I agree. There are so many beautiful insightful posts out there. And it’s interesting to see each person’s perspective too.

  • Natalie Sisson

    You’re so welcome. It was amazing to hear that and made me think of all the quashed dreams in this world because of someone saying something at a time in our lives when we most need to be encouraged

  • Natalie Sisson

    You already do stand out Sandy!

  • Natalie Sisson

    Multi-passionate to the core Debi – and there’s nothing wrong with that so long as you find focus and alignment. You can and you will and you are!

  • Sandy Sidhu

    aww thanks :)

  • Sarah Woods

    You’ve saved the day again. I was really deflated today and really forcing my way through jobs I have to do for the new website, it’s all very daunting…. all this self doubt. I’m going to try putting my chin up like a good little buttercup after reading this:)

  • Erika Awakening

    Yea I remember my introverted side used to be a source of shame for me. I literally thought that introverts were not very valuable in the world. It was only later I put two and two together with MBTI for example and realized the incredible things that have been done in this world by introverts. Definitely self-employment for me seems to go in extroverted and introverted phases and both are valuable to the process. The biggest issue I see people having in becoming successful entrepreneurs is trying to do it the way someone else did it instead of tapping in to their own intuition and creativity. My biz succeeded only because I ignored pretty much all external advice and listened to the voice within. Many thought I was crazy, but it worked. Sounds like a cool event. I’m from Oregon, nice place to visit in the summer. Cheers :)

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