14 Hot Resources for Increasing Your Visibility Online

Putting yourself out there so publicly can be a scary thing, and thanks to your blog, podcast, video channel and social media you are more likely than ever to have the opportunity to be seen everywhere online.

Unless you’re thinking of closing your Facebook account or shutting down your blog or Twitter account, then it’s something you not only have to get used to, but something you should actually embrace.14 Hot Resources for Increasing Your Visibility Online

Sure you’re probably worried about what people really think of you, whether they’ll judge you for what you’re doing, for your brand, your voice, your look and your offerings but you know what, if they don’t like you, that’s a good thing.

As I talk about in my new guide Am I Your Customer the last thing you want to do is appeal to everyone. That’s just not going to cut the mustard. You want to find and define your ideal niche and audience and then put yourself out in front of THEM!

I know it’s hard to do and that your inner critic is going to tell you you’re not good enough, or brave enough or smart enough or any other lame ass excuse that you’re hiding behind, but it’s time to shine online my friend.

So if this is something that you’re personally struggling with, I curated some of the most top notch podcast episodes, videos, articles and blog posts out there, basically anything that would help you learn more about getting very comfortable with becoming visible online and building your unique brand.

Must Read Articles

We all know that writing guest posts is KEY to building your subscriber list. But what really makes the difference between a guest post that gets you 10 new subscribers and one that gets you 100?

Researching places and guidelines to guest post takes FOREVER. Cut your time in half by using this list.

We hear lots of advice from “gurus” about positioning yourself as an expert. But Maria Ross asks: What does a real expert mean, and what real work does it take to get there? 

Google can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on your SEO strategy. Take a look at this to see how Alexis Grant and The Write Life made their way to the top of Google.

Brilliant Podcasts

Amy Porterfield gave the world a totally behind-the-scenes experience of her business. She tells all on topics like team members, systems, and tools. Totally invaluable information.

Oh, and I did the same without knowing she had right here in this episode where I talk about how I’m firing myself from my business and building a fantastic team and systems.

Why are you so discouraged and avoiding visibility? The Fizzle team says it could be a serious expectation problem that you need to address.

Must Watch Videos

Having trouble being comfortable with being so visible online? Nathalie Lussier quells those fears.

You should also watch my video about how to ensure your brand stands out online and catch the streets of Berlin while you’re at it.

An oldie, but a goodie. If you’re spending time being unproductive at work, it might be for any of these reasons, and it could be cutting into your time spent on being more visible online.

She’s a mom, an entrepreneur, and  she’s put herself out there in a big way and scaled her biz from her bedroom to one that ships thousands of products on a daily basis.

Top Online Tools

This tool was first mentioned to me by Ian Cleary (thanks!), and it streamlines the process of finding places to guest post, potential partnerships, and link building overall. You’re gonna love it.

One of the best ways to increase your visibility is to put together an affiliate team to sing your praises and sell your products for you in exchange for a cut. LeadDyno is so effective with this and so easy to use.

I’ve been digging Contest Domination for creating easy to use Facebook competitions to really spread the word about what you’re doing or promoting. I’ve managed to gain around 1,500 extra leads to my blog challenge from using it and lots more interaction on social media.

Spotted a great online resource about launching this month? Please share a link to it in the comments below.

  • http://upliftedliving.com/ Meg Sylvia

    So useful, Natalie… that list of guest posting sites just made my day!!

    Wishing you a great one!

  • http://suitcaseentrepreneur.com/ Natalie Sisson

    Thanks Meg. So glad you found it helpful!

  • Jennifer Donogh

    Thanks for listing YFE’s interview with Erin Condren- love her!

  • Amber Tibbs Turner

    Amen sister! You gotta put yourself out there! It was hard for me at first because I was so concerned about what others thought of me. I think that is a common theme among women. I realized I was holding myself back with these thoughts of “not being good enough”. I had to start believing in myself and like you said, not everyone is going to like me. And that is okay. There are definitely trolls out there. As entrepreneurs, we have to develop tough skin. Thanks for sharing. I am definitely going to check out these sources :)

  • http://suitcaseentrepreneur.com/ Natalie Sisson

    So welcome!! Love your interviews.

  • http://suitcaseentrepreneur.com/ Natalie Sisson

    Yes it’s very common Amber, for men and women and then you wonder later what on earth you were waiting for! Life is short. Step up and own it!

  • http://www.thelivehugefactor.com/ Kyleigh Wegmann

    Thanks for this post! I’m new to you (shout out to Alexis Grant for sharing your post!) and I look forward to following your work, Natalie. :)

  • http://www.myonlinebizjourney.com Gertrude Nonterah

    “You gotta put yourself out there”

    I love this piece of advice except sometimes it can be so hard to actually build a relationship with influencers that could possibly help you get there. A lot of them will not let you in the door if you don’t own their course or program.

    It’s one of my frustrations actually – oh well. I’ll keep on with the grind . Something will happen for me soon. Nice to “meet you ” Natalie ! Great blog.

  • http://www.thesagenext.com/cloud/quickbooks-hosting.html micky donar

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