The $100 Change Program is a beautiful digital guide designed to get you to take action and make your dream idea, project or business
a reality in 100 days or less.

You’ll get priceless advice and wisdom from amazing change makers like Chris Guillebeau, Danielle LaPorte, Chris Brogan, Adam Baker and more.

You will receive a daily email prompt (the minute you sign up) that contains a lesson, insight, piece of advice or nugget of wisdom from one of the 100 change makers.

Packed with inspiration, your email prompts will ensure you are motivated to take daily action towards launching your project or business, thanks to the practical written, audio and video advice included.

You get instant access to a warm and welcoming private Facebook Group for support and accountability from your fellow program members and change makers.

You get the entire eCourse as a beautiful digital guide when you’ve completed the 100 day program.

It starts the moment you grab the guide (valued at $77) and pay what you think it’s worth from $10!

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When I joined, Natalie asked me what I’d like to get out of this and what my goals were for the next 100 days and I let it slide because I honestly didn’t know!! Just a month into the program, I feel I have more clarity and I do believe being part of $100 Change has definitely helped my momentum! I am making the somewhat scary, nerve-wracking decision to *finally* go pro on my own, and as much as I’ve said this repeatedly throughout the year, I really mean it this time. I registered my business so it’s finally official and am transitioning out of my full time client so that I can make space for my right tribe and clients I DO want. Despite ‘uncertainty’ of no longer having a fixed income, I know this is the right decision. I am now working on my rebrand on MANY levels, have a site to launch and some books to write.. and come January, will enter the New Year with my first Amazon Kindle book.. Wow. ~ Janet Brent

Here’s Exactly What Is Covered

100 Change Program Digital Guide

Days 1-10
Welcome to $100 Change and what you can expect
How do you make change happen when you’re just starting out?

Days 11-20
What would you do with $100 if you were starting a new business?
Special Interview with Pam Slim on escaping a cubicle nation to start your own business.

Days 21-30
What’s a nugget of wisdom that’s worth $100 to you?
Special Interview with Chris Guillebeau on starting a $100 Business and Building an Empire.

Day 31-40
How do you go about creating a killer mindset?
Special Interview with Jonathan Fields On Pushing Through Fear and Uncertainty

Days 41-50
How do you keep your momentum on a project or initiative?
Special Interview with Jenny Blake on Making Make Sh*t Happen And Getting It Done

Days 51-50
How do you stop fear from allowing you to do your best work?
What is your daily ritual for setting yourself up for success?

Days 61-70
What key methods do you use to stay focused on your priorities?
What valuable lesson has failure taught you?

Days 71-80
What’s the best thing you’ve done for your business?

Days 81-90
What’s one thing you wish you knew before you started your last venture?

Days 91-100
What key piece of advice has had the most impact on your life?
Special Interview with Mike McDermott CEO Of FreshBooks On Never Giving Up

Plus four exclusive interviews during the 100 days

Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau Bonus Video

Starting A $100 Business And Building An Empire

Jenny Blake

Jenny Blake Bonus Video

Making Sh*t Happen And Getting It Done

Jonathan Fields

Jonathan Fields Bonus Video

Pushing Through Fear And Uncertainty

Pam Slim

Pam Sllim Bonus Video

Escaping A Cubicle Nation To Start Your Own Business


I am having an amazing time with this Natalie – thank you for putting together such a wonderful program! I have to say Day 12 has been one of my favs so far!! ~ Elle Roberts

This looks absolutely inspiring and positive! What a great idea that will help so many reach for their goals! – Marni Gallerneault

Amazing project Natalie! Best $100 to come out of World Domination Summit. I am so impressed. Growing $100 into limitless possibilities and then paying it forward towards well deserved scholarships (and in the spirit of entrepreneurism) is pure genius. I can’t wait to be a part of the change. You continually inspire us all to raise the bar and think big! – Janet Brent

“Lots of people want to change the world, but don’t have the tools or knowhow to make it happen. $100 Change is an amazing concept in a well-executed format that makes it easy for participants to learn and then take action. And I love the fact that at least half of the 50+ guests I’ve had Radio Enso are involved in the project!” – Greg Berg, Radio Enso

Who are the change makers?

I’ve managed to pull together over 100 of the smartest minds and most successful entrepreneurs, from the around the world, to answer the tough questions on what it really takes to start something , make it happen, and create real impact and success.

You will hear from Chris Guillebeau, Danielle LaPorte, Janet Hanson, Chris Brogan, Michael Stelzner, Cameron Herold, Steve Kamb, Laura Roeder, Jonathan Fields, Clay Collins, Pamela Slim, Amy Porterfield, Corbett Barr, Lewis Howes, Pat Flynn, Nathalie Lussier, Dane Maxwell, Christine Kloser, Adam Baker, Johnny B Truant, Pam Brossman, Derek Halpern, Alexis Neely and a host of amazing change makers from the world over.

100 Change Makers

These entrepreneurs, digital nomads, thought leaders, TED speakers, authors, artists, and every day people, have kindly shared their wisdom, killer advice and insight on what got them to where they are today, so that you can do the same.

Through their written word, their authentic voices (audio pieces) and their real interactions (video interviews) you will have absolutely no excuses to not take action and start, build and launch that creative project or business idea you’ve always dreamed of doing.

Listen to what participants are saying about $100 Change

OK, so I’m happy to report that I’ve started writing my eBook!!! I got Lissa Rankin’s Day 1 prompt to just START already and I asked myself, why not? So I’ve written my introduction, and I can’t believe it, and I’m so happy to be part of this wave of change. All right, I’ll stop now before I start blubbering…I just wanted to share how good I feel that I’m moving out of the rut I’ve languished in for far too long. I KNEW $100 Change would rock my world, but I didn’t expect it to be quite so fast.~ Otiti Jasmine Ovuewhorie

I am thrilled to be a part of your initiative! The nuggets of wisdom you send out every day are pure gold. They charge me with energy and help me push through my fear of doing something that I wanted to do for a while, but felt I was not ready for it. Thank you for leading the way, Natalie. Your initiative IS world-changing! ~ Natasha Vorompiova

Meeting so many kickass people who are playing BIG. Joining this movement has been one of my best decisions in 2012. Carpe Diem y’all! ~ Becca Niederkrom


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I just wanted to say thank you for putting an amazing programme together. I loved getting the reminders and so often I read something and thought “yep”. To me it was a reminder for what I am about and how I need to continue to be me, and spread my thoughts and ideas to the people I spend my time with. I connected to my inner wisdom on a more regular basis, and allowed your daily reminders to remind me what I already know and do and share with others. ~ Robyn Peel

Daily Prompts:

You will get 100 days of priceless advice, coaching and wisdom from one or more change makers (like this one to the right)

10 Day Summary:

At the end of each 10 day period there is one summary recap of  the key themes and learnings you’ve received.

Taking Action Time:

You will be asked to post your key action for the week on the $100 Change Facebook group where you can find motivation and collaboration with your fellow aspiring entrepreneurs and action takers.


What exactly are you waiting for?

Someone’s permission?
Some divine act of inspiration?

Life is too short for you to procrastinate any longer. You need to take action and get it started.

I can guarantee you have something you’ve always wanted to do, but never made a start on. You know what I’m talking about:

  • The eBook you’ve half written and saved in your drafts
  • The program you’ve been envisioning launching in your head
  • The event you have been planning in your mind since New Year’s Day
  • The online course you bought on how to become a better XYZ
  • The business idea you’ve been talking about doing for years

I’m here to show you how far you can go in 100 days and how little money it takes to build something that matters, and impact hundreds of people along the way.