10 Twitter Tips For The Time Strapped Entrepreneur

Things people should not do on Twitter

In honour of Social Media Month here on this blog (not in the whole world which I'm touched somebody thought it was after reading it here...) I want to focus on my favourite social media tool, Twitter. Perhaps it's the brevity of Twitter, the succinctness it forces people to adopt in a world ... CONTINUE READING

Five Forgotten Facebook Features To Revisit

Facebook insights on demographics

Since it's Social Media Month here on the blog, I wanted to start off with recapping my reasons why this is even happening. We need to rediscover why we love social media for business! Not fear it. There are so many changes happening in the major platforms right now, it's like a Facebook vs ... CONTINUE READING

The Secrets of the Nomads

Natalie Sisson in her Suitcase

Here's a look inside the tribe of the modern day nomads, a group of men and women who have established full time careers working online. Will their secret to freedom, independence, and passive income be revealed? The nomads of our day are "choose your own adventurers", men and women traveling and ... CONTINUE READING

Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs To Follow On Twitter

Top 10 Women to Follow on Twitter by Natalie Sisson

When I first started this blog I absolutely loved seeking out amazing women to connect with on Twitter. In July of 2010 I had this brainwave to start profiling them here so everybody could learn about who they are and connect with them too. I started pulling together these lists of great women in ... CONTINUE READING

Don’t You Dare Do These 5 Things On Social Media

Removing Facebook spam from your wall

So every once and a while, when you hang out on social networks as much as I do, there are some things that really start to get on your nerves. Where have all these bad manners come from? I’ve had my fair dose of them happening lately and so I’d like to point out some of my social media pet ... CONTINUE READING

Mastering Social Media To Build A Thriving Online Business

Natalie Sisson Social Media Coach on LinkedIn

Welcome to the eleventh and penultimate installment of Build Your Online Business (BYOB). Want to learn more about this entire month of June series? Start with the The Secret Ingredient To Building An Online Business. My name is Natalie and I’m addicted to Social Media for all the right ... CONTINUE READING

The Key To Blogging for Money, Fame and Fortune

Build Your Online Business

Welcome to the fifth installment of  Build Your Online Business (BYOB). Want to learn more about this entire month of June series? Start with the The Secret Ingredient To Building An Online Business. With this provocative title I wanted to showcase the illusion that many people have about ... CONTINUE READING

Toolkit Time #5 Manage and Monitor Your Brand on Social Media Using Nutshell Mail

Another week and another discovery of a great online tool - #5 in Toolkit Time  to be exact. In this Business Improvement series I bring you a short video every week introducing a new online tool to add to your business toolkit and armory. The point is to make you more your business more savvy ... CONTINUE READING

How To Use Twitter To Get Clients And Make Real Money

How to find work on Twitter

Let's get this straight once and for all -  Twitter is not a waste of time. Nowadays with so much blatant proof on major news sites, blogs and TV on how Twitter is impacting the world, there is no excuse to think that way. In case you missed it the massive Egyptian protests were powered by ... CONTINUE READING