The aim of this 10-day series of posts is to help you to use the power of social media to build your brand and business and act as your sales, marketing and customer service team!

It’s free to join and draws on themes, examples and insight from my NEW book The Suitcase Entrepreneur to ensure by the end of 10 days, you create a complete strategic plan of attack for using social media.

You’ll learn to establish your credibility, build a loyal community, generate more traffic, gain new leads and grow your customer base.

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Here’s what included in the challenge:

  • Day 1: The power of social media to build your online business
  • Day 2: Which social media platforms should you be on and why?
  • Day 3: How to use Facebook to build your brand and business
  • Day 4: How to use Twitter to win friends and influence people
  • Day 5: How to use LinkedIn to establish your credibility and build your professional rolodex
  • Day 6: How to use Google Plus to tap into your network and establish your authority
  • Day 7: How to use YouTube to create powerful videos that bring you new fans and business
  • Day 8: How to use Pinterest to create a compelling visual brand story that people love
  • Day 9: How to build a blog with purpose and profit from it
  • Day 10: How to build a social media strategy that delivers and measure and track your success

Social Media Challenge Guidelines:

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Ultimate Guide to Using Facebook For Building Your Brand and Business

Ultimate Guide to Using Facebook For Building Your Brand and Business

Alrighty it’s time for another MEGAPOST here on the blog. And whether you love it, like it or wish it had a dislike button, you can’t deny that Facebook is the powerhouse of all social media platforms when it comes to your personal and business brand. If you have a small business then chances are […]


The Ultimate Ten Day Social Media Challenge to Transform Your Business

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Social Media is an undeniably powerful tool for entrepreneurs, businesses and brands. So isn’t it about time you got to grips with how to use it in the right way? I’m such a huge advocate of social media as it has allowed me to build and grow my entire online business and cement my personal […]


Brunei is the Land of Unexpected Treasures and Instagram Entrepreneurs


If you were on Borneo Island, Malaysia, and had the opportunity to visit another country, just a 35 minute flight away, would you? Of course you would, and I jumped at the chance, especially when the entire 48 hour trip was set up for me to meet with the friendly locals from start to finish […]


The LinkedIn Tip that Made all the Difference

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This is a guest post from Bianco Te Rito who makes you look good online. I asked her to share how she’s rocking LinkedIn to drive new business leads and referrals. I have been active on the main social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn since 2007. In 2010, I focused my services to […]


Get Your Free Social Media Etiquette Guide

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Unless you’ve been sleeping, then you can’t have missed the countless articles and predictions on why Social Media is going to be so powerful in 2012, and why brands and small businesses should be jumping on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and YouTube. But they’re also saying that this year is the year in which we […]


The Secret To Getting In Top Social Media Shape

I love Social Media

Years back I competed in a body sculpting competition. It took me 9 long months and a lot of discipline each day to drop 15kgs and achieve just 10% body fat. Each month I changed my workout routine and diet to achieve the results I wanted. I tracked my results and saw the improvement in […]


Five Ways To Approach Social Media Listening And Track and Monitor Your Results

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In an online world where social media reigns supreme, it can be hard to cut through the constant bombardment of content and chatter, to find the real meaning in it all. I know when I first started out on Twitter I got totally overwhelmed at this stream of tweets that never ended, from people I […]


Full Credit To The Rugby World Cup And Social Media Is The Winner On The Day

Spot The Ball RWC2011

In less than six hours the might New Zealand All Blacks rugby team will step on the field at Eden Park to play the French in the finals of the Rugby World Cup. I am just a little bit excited, as is the rest of the population of New Zealand. Just to give you some […]


Creating A Facebook Page That Stands Out From The Crowd

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As a Social Media coach one of the most common questions I get asked is `How do I make my page stand out and get more likes?’. What seems like such a simple question is rarely the case. In a world where people expect instantaneous results online, my response is `you need to know that […]


Four Ways To Create And Showcase Your LinkedIn Company Profile

Hewlett Packard Shining Example of a LinkedIn Company Profile

You may be a big fan of Twitter or consider Facebook your favourite social network, but did you know that LinkedIn is quite possibly one of the most useful tools for entrepreneurs and professionals? Especially for connecting with the right people, driving new leads, referrals and ultimately new business. So in this post I aim […]


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