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Why the Mastermind Alliance is Such a Powerful Business Tool

WE Mastermind Retreat 2012 with Pam Slim

Last November I had six of the best days of my life. I was on a cruise ship, in the Caribbean, hosting our first ever Women Entrepreneurs Mastermind Retreat with Natalie MacNeil. We all set sail from Miami and cruised the high seas together, along with special guest Pam Slim, and the result was nothing […]


How To Have The Most Productive Week Of Your Life

Productivity Starfish Natalie Quote

Do you really want to know the secret to productivity? Or is that just a silly question? Well I think I found it… I think I found it while doing next to nothing on a beach. I think I found it while listening to the ocean, lapping the shore and the birds singing away. I […]


Five Weight Loss Tactics For Business Travelers

Man walking in boots with luggage

This is a great guest post from Dr. Cory Annis is the MD for Entrepreneurs Travel makes maintaining or losing weight easier than living full time in the suburbs, even when those suburbs are well designed and expensive. That’s the counter-intuitive observation of many entrepreneurs and executives. They lose weight on the road despite the diverse […]


7 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Save You At Least 2 Hours Each Day To Focus On Your Income Producing Activities

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A Virtual Assistant is the key to helping you save valuable hours each day. To run a successful business, quality time must be pumped into it. Trying to do everything by yourself will burn you out. There are specific tasks that a Virtual Assistant can manage. Juggling those tasks by yourself won’t add any value […]


5 Excuses For Why You Are Not Working Out While Traveling (and what to do about it)

Woman Reverse Handstand

This is a guest post by Marc Winitz who is devoted to helping women with health and wellness issues over at  Whether you travel for short or long periods, business or pleasure it’s very easy to lose sight of your health and wellness while on the road.  The single biggest challenge travelers experience is missing their […]


The Traveler’s Eating Guide For Keeping Healthy Part 1

This is a guest post by the lovely, sassy and seriously in shape Liz D’Alto. A health and fitness expert who helps women find genuine strength, motivation and success. You’re at the airport or at a rest stop and you’re really hungry. Sound familiar? Most of the time, your focus isn’t on making the healthy choice […]


How An 86km Hike Into Nature Can Save Your Sanity

I have just returned from 5 whole days of disconnecting from the online world and reconnecting with mother nature. This experience has left me with a whole new perspective on traveling, exercising and running my business. I want to share a few home truths with you in a candid way. And I’m going to encourage […]


The Key To Staying Fit And Healthy in 2011

There are a few things you may or may not know about me: One: I have always and will always love sports. Pretty much any sport that comes to hand I’ll have a go at and I’m just a little competitive. I play tennis & netball, have done triathlons, raced Moto-X and sailing and dragon boated […]


The Business of Eating Healthy: At Home or On The Road

Believe it or not, what you eat is a business decision just like where you choose to advertise, who you hire, and what your next blog post will be about. This isn’t meant to freak you out or make you obsessive around food.

I just want to reframe the way you look at food because you’re a business person and that means you’ve got a lot on the line when you’re thinking of sneaking a bite of that unhealthy stuff. ;)

Here are some simple tips for eating right, that will practically guarantee you’ve got more energy to run your business.


Simplify Your Business. Simplify Your Life. Then Unwind.

If you’ve made it this far in the November Challenge – then congrats. You’re almost at the end of the first week of FOCUS. Today I’ve combined unwinding with simplification. Enjoy! There comes a time when you have to say enough. “I will implement some creative systems that help me look more like Ivana Trump […]


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