[TSE 70] How to Make Reporters Fall in Love with You and Deliver Excellent Customer Service with Peter Shankman

[TSE 70] How to Make Reporters Fall in Love with You and Deliver Excellent Customer Service with Peter Shankman

Peter Shankman, founder of the valuable, simple and painless press service Help a Reporter Out (HARO), believes adamantly in two ideas. 1.) Life should be fun, so work should be fun. 2.) Give back to people because you care about them. The latter belief is the foundation for HARO's success, ... CONTINUE READING

Five Ways To Stay Connected To Social Media For Your Biz While You’re On The Road!

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Keeping up with promoting your business while traveling can be tricky! If you’re anything like the Suitcase Entrepreneur’s very own Natalie Sisson, you spend a LOT of your time traveling and bouncing around. Maybe you’re going to be jet setting for a few days in between important meetings and ... CONTINUE READING

How To Create A Kick Ass Crowdfunding Campaign And Make Your Dreams Come True

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We all have a dream. Some grand vision we’d love to see come to fruition one day. Something that scares us, compels us and energizes us at the same time. So why is it that so many people seem to put those dreams in a box and shelve them away for a day that never comes? It's tragic to think of all ... CONTINUE READING

Selling Your Soul And Becoming a Client Magnet


Listening to the amazing Diana Krall crooning her smooth jazz tunes today I couldn't help but smile at her opening lyric: "I only want what's the best thing for you, and the best thing for you would be me!" I think it's a fantastic opening line to attract the clients you want for your business. At ... CONTINUE READING

4 Facts You MUST Know To Ensure You Sell Everything – Lessons from GoDaddy

Godaddy Sucks

I found it amusing to see an email in my inbox this morning from, none other, than GoDaddy. In case you missed it, Bob Parsons, CEO of GoDadd,y created quite the uproar in the media yesterday when his Elephant slaughter drew massive backlash. He clearly believes that all publicity is good ... CONTINUE READING

How to ensure your book has legs

The Wealthy Author

This is the second post, in follow up to The First 10 Steps to writing a non-fiction book by Jo Parfitt, a writer, author, speaker, teacher, mentor and publisher who specializes in entrepreneurship and living abroad. Her website is crammed with valuable content no budding writer should ignore. ... CONTINUE READING

Six Steps to Make Any Written Request More Persuasive

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This is a guest post from Amy Harrison who followed her exact steps to impress me enough to publish this! She practices what she preaches. Enjoy. The Internet has allowed us to connect and reach more people faster than ever. And if you’re a suitcase entrepreneur (or aspire to be one) you know how ... CONTINUE READING

How Charlie Sheen And Twitter Helped Guinness World Records stoop to a new low

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Apparently crossing the English Channel in a dragon boat in 2007 and smashing the previous Guinness World Record is not as important as Charlie Sheen gaining the most Twitter followers in the least amount of time. I was stunned to read this article on Mashable today – so stunned I had to write ... CONTINUE READING

The 3 Mindsets for Successful D-I-Y PR For Your Business

Creating buzz for your business means thinking outside the box

This is a guest post from PR guru Elena Verlee, one of the experts on the Passport to Business Program that starts on January 1st 2011. When I first started my career in PR 18 years ago, I had graduated at the top of my class, was recruited by the largest PR firm in San Francisco and had my ... CONTINUE READING