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2013 Suitcase Entrepreneur Annual Review on Freedom in Business and Adventure in Life

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l was excited when Visa Business approached me to write a blog post about the year that was and how your business and life goals stacked up against what you had planned. So I have written this 2013 Annual Review and, as always, tied it in with tips and strategies for you to apply to […]


How To Make Lasting Friendships And Meaningful Relationships On The Move

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This blog post is from some content that didn’t make the cut to my soon to be released Suitcase Entrepreneur book. I still cover this important topic but not in quite so much depth so enjoy!   I bet you’ve experienced that chance encounter with someone special that was cut short too quickly because you […]


3 Tips to Never Forget Your Client Appointments While Travelling

Natalie Sisson

When you’re absorbed in sightseeing, or jumping to a new timezone and suffering from jet lag, forgetting or completely missing a client appointment is way to easy to do. In my own experience, I’ve forgotten or missed too many client appointments  for my liking, before I really understood how to make the tools I use work […]


How to Network Like a Pro and Stay in Touch with Important People While Traveling

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Let’s get honest here. It can be hard to remember new names after leaving just one conference, let alone names from all over the world of each person you’ve met on your travels. (Speaking of conferences, are you going to the World Domination Summit in July? If so, are you coming to my pre-launch book party […]


Why Borneo is a Dream Destination for Animal and Nature Lovers


Earlier this year I did something I’ve never done before in my life. I jumped on a plane and had no idea where I was going. This well traveled Kiwi booked a flight from Kuala Lumpur, to a place called Kuching, except I didn’t look at a map. So imagine my surprise when I checked […]


Brunei is the Land of Unexpected Treasures and Instagram Entrepreneurs


If you were on Borneo Island, Malaysia, and had the opportunity to visit another country, just a 35 minute flight away, would you? Of course you would, and I jumped at the chance, especially when the entire 48 hour trip was set up for me to meet with the friendly locals from start to finish […]


Why the Mastermind Alliance is Such a Powerful Business Tool

WE Mastermind Retreat 2012 with Pam Slim

Last November I had six of the best days of my life. I was on a cruise ship, in the Caribbean, hosting our first ever Women Entrepreneurs Mastermind Retreat with Natalie MacNeil. We all set sail from Miami and cruised the high seas together, along with special guest Pam Slim, and the result was nothing […]


What Riding A Motorbike Can Teach You About Your Business

Thailand Entrepreneurship lessons

Get your motor runnin’ Head out on the highway Lookin’ for adventure And whatever comes our way Yeah I think I was `born to be wild’, and deep down, if you’re looking for more freedom in business and adventure in life, then I think you are too. So it was when I was out on […]


This Is The Only Battle Worth Fighting For

step into your power

So I felt it was time for a little pep talk because this is right about the time when your best New Year intentions start flying out the door, and your old habits kick in. I don’t want that for you. This year is going to be different. If you really want to live with […]


The Cambodian Challenge March 2013

Cambodian Challenge with Soul Journeys Travel

I’ve been considering my next place to travel for a while now. As the days get colder and I have just over a month left in Amsterdam, my thoughts naturally swayed towards warmer climes, and in particular heading to South East Asia, where I haven’t journeyed since 2006. This part of the world is a […]


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