[TSE 17] Why You Should Say YES and YES To Things That Make You Happy With Sarah Von Bargen

Have you ever tried looking for a womanly website that combines travel, modern design, quirky topics, humanitarian heart, and a spice of dating advice? Well this year’s new girl crush reward goes to Sarah Von Bargen of Yes and Yes.org, a lifestyle blogger.

Yes and Yes is about finding things you like and saying YES to things that make you happy in various themes.

Sarah studied English Literature in college, and like most people with a degree, fantasized about climbing the corporate ladder.  She soon got a job in marketing right after college, and life was smooth just like she expected.

However after 9 months Sarah started hating her job and burnt out.  With her adventurous spirit, she decided to move to South East Asia to become an ESL teacher (English As A Second Language).

She taught in Taiwan for a year and a half, then traveled for 6 months, then studied her Masters in Linguistics at a university in New Zealand.  She started living in different countries for one to three months, either volunteering or staying with a host family, then traveling afterwards. Along the way she kept her travel journal on her blog, along with other topics but hadn’t even considered making an income from it at the time.

Strike forward to today and she’s got a thriving blog, a dedicated community, a well established copywriting business and a number of digital products she makes money from online.

Sarah is based in Minnesota, USA and travels by subletting her apartment.  Her plans are to travel to Louisiana for Marty Grass, Colorado and New Mexico throughout April. You go girl. I say YES and YES to that!

In this interview with Sarah Von Bargen you’ll learn

  • How to simply create ebooks that your audience wants and loves
  • Sarah’s secret formula to having over 10o,000 monthly visitors on her blog!
  • The 11 different streams of income that give her the freedom to do what she wants
  • How she built her business empire with a $250 netbook, old Nokia cell phone, and a $100 digital camera
  • The importance of maintaining relationships and the power of commenting on blogs from the get go
  • How to manage your ad space creatively on your homepage to make money and others happy

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Top Tools Sarah Recommends

Pomodoro Technique –A productivity technique and tool where you set a timer (or use an app) for 25 min of focused work, then get a 5 minute break.  Every 4 Pomodoros, you get a longer break.

LeechBlock — A free downloadable extension, this simple productivity tool is designed to block those time-wasting sites that can suck the life out of your working day. Sarah uses it to set a limit so that she can only jump on Facebook after 5pm for example, or that she can only access Facebook for 20 mins per day.

The Wanderlust Workbook & Smart+Sassy+Solo Giveaway

Although Sarah’s blog is not centered on traveling, her expertise on daily blogging for three years and her writing skills of ten years helped her aquire some hefty readership.

Eventually, two people on the same day emailed her asking her to be a travel coach, inspiring her to write an ebook series called, “The Wanderlust Workbook” outlining logistics on traveling for a whole year.

After launching her first ebook, her female audience started asking how women travel by themselves, which inspired her to write her second ebook “Smart+Sassy+Solo” on women traveling solo.

Want to win a copy of Sarah’s “Wanderlust Workbook”! 

Simply share this post out on social networks and leave a comment on the top 1-3 countries you want to visit on your next adventure. Sarah and I will pick a winner in one week!

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Suitcase Entrepreneur

  • Vivian

    Top three for the next 10 years: Thailand, Budapest, and New Zealand.

    But in the mean time, I’ll be exploring my own back yard!

  • http://texaslipstickmassacre.blogspot.com Chrissie

    I would love to visit Switzerland, Germany, or Austria. Anywhere with giant mountains and friendly people.


  • http://sparkleandglitter.co.uk Vixel

    My top three are probably Japan, New Zealand and Russia – all very different, I want to experience as many different places as possible!

    I LOVE the fact that you’re a successful blogger who’s not a $3000 Mac devotee!

  • http://ragsagainstthemachine.com Terri

    Top 3 places I want to visit:

    1) Taj Mahal
    2) Petra
    3) San Francisco

    I want the Wanderlust workbook!

  • http://www.thegypsygals.com Prime

    Here are the top 3places that I want to visit:

    1. India
    2. China
    3. Ireland

  • barath

    the interview was awesome!

  • http://www.zazzle.com/katetapley* KateDrewThis

    In order of how soon I think I’ll get these done:

    1. San Fransisco
    2. Ireland
    3. Morocco

  • http://www.sanguiknitie.com Cate

    I am so glad to find your website, and I can’t believe it took me this long to do it!

    My top three would be Indonesia, Costa Rica, and India, but I would jump at the chance to go virtually anywhere, I have to say. And what a great interview.