Face The Fear, Quit Your Job And Start Your Own Business

Welcome to Episode 2 of Fear Factor. As promised, every second Friday, coach Heather and I will tackle the big questions you have around fear.

Today Heather touches on a topic that is dear to my heart as I hear it all too often. The old:

“I want to start my own business as I have this idea but I can’t just quit my job.”

Actually you can, that’s just an excuse – a valid one but not a good enough one in my mind. However we both know how hard that decision is to make. To let go of that safety net and 100% commit to you an idea you have.

I did this last year with absolutely no safety net behind me, no back up plan and no savings – I can tell you I have faced fear head on and it was scary and it was also hands down the best thing I ever did.

Heather shares her amazing gutsy story in this video too. In this short video you’ll also learn:

Your 3 Prong Approach to Facing Your Fear

Why you have to move the Pinto out of the parking space to make way for the Ferrari

That fear is ignorance and how you can get help with that.

That you’re just like a helium balloon and why it’s time to drop the cement.

Heather White with The Suitcase EntrepreneurOur Fearless Factor Resident Coach Heather White is an entrepreneurial business coach who helps clients strike a dynamic balance between grounded self-care and accelerated profitability. Marrying these characteristics with discipline and attitude has enabled her to work with some global business leaders. Join us here every second Friday.

One of my favourite quotes of wisdom is from my idol Seth Godin. In Linchpin he states that if you have a back up plan – like a part time  job, while starting your business, you will always defer to your back up plan.

The advice here is – don’t have a back up plan. Fully commit. Take a big breath. Go for it!

  • mariabrophy

    Totally agree with Seth Godin on not having a back-up plan. Now, many would disagree with this thinking. But for me, it worked. When I left a lucrative job in the corporate world to work in the art business, I had no “plan B” – I had to make it work. And I did. It was a lot of “work” but I love what I do and I have never looked back.

  • DaisyHdez

    Scariest thing ever. You sure get a burst of adrenaline rush at times, that’s for sure 😉

  • NatalieSisson

    @DaisyHdez yep just like on a rollercoaster ride, the steep uphill climb is worth the thrill of the downhill part and all the twists and turns that come with running your own business- that said it’s not for everyone.

  • NatalieSisson

    @mariabrophy and you’re a shining example of how to do it Maria. Love that you shared your story here for us. Can you let us know how long it was before you started realising you could really make a go of your business and tell fear to buggar off?

  • mariabrophy

    @NatalieSisson @mariabrophy My husband drewbrophy begged me for years to quit my high-paying, secure job and work full time with him.

    My fear was: can I make the business do well enough to provide an income for myself? His art gave him a very modest income, but it wasn’t enough to cover both of us at the time. So my work was: Figure out how to essentially double the income of his art business so I could be paid!

    I’ve always had a fear of being broke (I grew up very poor), and so I was afraid to lose that security a good job gave me.

    BUT, the day that I made the decision to work for myself and leave my job, that day, I dropped the fear. And was very motivated to make the business work.

    Making a decision is very powerful. Once you decide on something big, it sets everything into motion for you.

  • NatalieSisson

    @mariabrophy drewbrophy wow what an awesome story and good on your hubby for the determined begging :) If he hadn’t look at what you may still be doing, instead you get to help change the world just a little every day with what you’re doing – and through Drew’s art too.

  • DaisyHdez

    @NatalieSisson Absolutely, the screaming is all part of the journey.

  • Heather2020

    Hey Daisy – amen, yes! Scariest thing for sure. But I love the analogy of the roller coaster – SO true!

    And Maria – I’m with you on the no ‘back door’. Although, It can be empowering to think/write out your Plan B because you come to the realization that, Plan B is the same as Plan A, because the plan is: YOU (or me in my case:) – the rest is circumstantial. I think that might be the single handed best lesson I’ve learned so far – it’s ME who’s capable, competent, ready, worthy, it’s ME who’s in charge of driving this bus & I trust ME & I have a knowingness about my abilities, my passions, and my purpose and ability to ‘get it done’. At that point – you begin down the ‘change the world’ path!

    My advice to anyone considering making a move & leaving behind the security of your day job so you can pursue your life’s work – GO FOR IT!

    And although I can’t promise it’s going to work out (without reviewing your plans and profit models and projections, executing a business development strategy – it’s hard to comment on the validity of your business) BUT what I do know, is that you will grow as a person regardless of the outcome, just be taking the leap. Facing fear, walking towards it and at some point grow to the understanding that there was nothing to be afraid of in the 1st place – that is the greatest experience in the world, as a human (in my opinion:).

    Thanks again Natalie for allowing us to have this awesome conversation! Love it!! & love all of the readers & viewers!! Keep the questions and comments and stories coming!

  • kaycam

    I quit my job via jet plane back in 2003, with no idea of what I would do, only that I would like to work for myself. Now I am doing what I love. No regrets! When you are doing what’s right for you, the Universe will support you!

  • NatalieSisson

    @kaycam that sounds like an intriguing story, do tell more? Were you actually on a jet plane and made a call before take off? Great to hear you’ve never looked back!

  • rezervit

    @NatalieSisson although this site targets women but I have to say, this is a great article. Thanks! Shared on @rezervit on twitter.

  • http://rezerv.it/ rezervit

    @Heather2020 Very inspiring video indeed. Thanks again! Vancouver is an awesome city by the way 😉

  • kaycam

    I boarded the plane with no idea of what I would do with my life, no job to go to, no place to live … But I was a good girl and resigned beforehand. My book that tells the story of what led up to that and how I got to where I am now, comes out this summer. My official motto is “Get to Know Yourself, Feel the Fear, And Do it Anyway.” @NatalieSisson @kaycam

  • Heather2020

    Hey @rezervit gender is out the window – it’s all about The Suitcase Entrepreneur – yay! Thanks for your comment & YES Vancouver is beautiful, although we’re ready for our summer & some sun around here:)

  • Heather2020

    @kaycam @NatalieSisson Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway was one of the best and most favourite books I ever read! & Get to know yourself – fantastic!! That is definitely harder thank it sounds. I can’t wait to read the book!!

  • NatalieSisson

    @rezervit @Heather2020 agree this site is for men too! Feel welcome to have your say. We’re all in this entrepreneurial game together. So great to have you hear and your comments.

  • clementyeung

    Haha, this photo was enough to get my attention. Great message Natalie! I did it and I’m 5 years in to making my own life :)

  • kaycam

    @Heather2020 @NatalieSisson The PDF version will be up on my site next week. The print and Kindle version will be out over the summer. I’ll let you know! Thanks! K

  • MiddleChild

    Thank you for this! I made the decision to leave my PT job at the end of this year, so now I am super motivated to do my biz full time!

  • MiddleChild

    Thank you for this! I am making the decision to leave my PT job at the end of the year and do my biz full time in January 2012. Super motivated to rise up!

  • NatalieSisson

    @clementyeung Yes you are my friend and it’s astounding what you’re achieving

  • NatalieSisson

    @MiddleChild That’s so awesome to hear congrats. You should consider my Passport Program to get you there faster

  • http://rezerv.it/ rezervit

    Thanks @NatalieSisson @Heather2020 . .. I think you’re offering real value on this site. Since I have tried both, the corporate world and on my own and I have to say being on your own is not easy but you have to take that chance, the more doors you knock the more doors will open and new ideas will evolve. You have to have these traits; Patience, persistence and ambition in order to succeed. Don’t think about the past or too much about the future just think about “NOW”.

    Yes I quit my real job ” As they say”, which is an illusion actually, two years ago. Just woke up one morning and said I am done and that was it. It was right after my morning boring conference call.

  • http://rezerv.it/ rezervit

    Thanks @Heather2020 . Yes i remember living there while I worked for Sierra Wireless in Richmond and lived close to UBC.





  • NatalieSisson

    @SONNI well I did Sonni. You just need to make the decision to go after your own business idea and make it work. Sign up to my BYOB series of how to build your business online for a start.

  • kaycam

    @NatalieSisson Where do we find the BYOB series on the site? Thanks!

  • Natalie

    This is your best place to start. It tells you what the series is and what’s coming up on what dates. http://womanzworld.com/entrepreneurs/the-secret-ingredient-to-building-an-online-business/

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  • Alli

    Okay, I typed in “How to quit your job and start your own business” in Google and this is the first thing that popped up. I’m tired and unfulfilled at my current job and not using all my skills to my potential. I am ready to start my own business. Heather, you’re very brave but I noticed that you had an immediate FUNDING source for your new life. Where am I supposed to get the money to start a restaurant from scratch??

  • Natalie

    Great point Alli. There are many ways to go about getting hold of money – loans from the bank, extensions on credit cards, friends and family, silent investors who believe in you and your business plan. Can I ask Is a restaurant your dream business that you want to start?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erik-Corr/100002915722983 Erik Corr

    Stay on your job and learn your new job and one day cut the cord- be smart about it and not reckless

  • Bynestranscript

    This site is a game changer for me. I’m in transition of leaving my job to run my business full time. This is scary. I have very little savings and bills have to be paid…

  • http://www.securitycamera-ny.com camera-ny

    Thanks for the video

  • https://plus.google.com/+Intercomrepairny/about?hl=en ryan

    same feel with me. but maybe everything need to be change

  • Maya

    I just quit my job 2 weeks ago to start my entrepreneurial experience… I’m excited!

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  • Justin J Franzen

    I currently have my own business, and heir out my daytime work. I still work full time and average twice what i pay my employ at work. I just learned my employ took another job, and i’m left with the decision to heir another employ or quit. I average 500-1000 a week, and think with my experience i can offer my clients far more then some kid i train off the street. Do i just risk it and go for it?