Coaches Corner: Making Your Dreams Come True

Are you an innovative or creative entrepreneur? Do you often have new ideas, and if you do, do your ideas usually come to fruition? Or are you more the type that has loads of reasons on why your ideas won’t work?

I recently discovered something called the Disney Creative Strategy, which is apparently how Disney is able to continually innovate new ideas and bring them to the market. It goes something like this:

There are 3 departments in Disney:

  1. The Dreamers
  2. The Realists
  3. The Critics

The Dreamers’ jobs are, well, to dream. Flying elephants – great idea! Monsters that generate their city’s power by scaring kids – bring it on! Once the Dreamers have come up with ideas for a new movie, they take the concept to the Realist Department.

The Realists make the idea into a plan – they create the storyboard, the flow, the characters, and determine a plan to make the vision come to life. The plan then gets submitted to the Critic Department. The Critics’ role is to determine where and why the plan wouldn’t work. Then the feedback is taken back to the Realists to implement.

The key to why this works really well is that the Dreamers are never exposed to the Critics in this process. If they were, most dreams and visions would be crushed at an instant. The only way to allow the creative process to germinate is to provide a safe environment for the dreamers and the critics to do their jobs, without running into each other prematurely.

We each have a dreamer, a realist, and a critic in us. Do you allow your dreamer and your critic to sit in the same room? Do you think of a million reasons why your ideas won’t work before allowing the dreamer in you to even finish the thought? Strive for a way for the dreamer and critic within you to do their part, and you’ll be more likely to see your creativity come to life.

If you are intrigued, read “The Opposable Mind: How Successful Leaders Win Through Integrative Thinking” by Roger Martin. See how great leaders intentionally hold opposing thoughts and ideas in their minds or organizations to create healthy tension, significantly improving the decision making process and outcome.

[For more books I recommend check out: Must Read Books. – Natalie]

Now go make room for your dreams to come true!

Felicia is a business coach specializing in working with women entrepreneurs on business growth and development. She is the Founder and President of Candeo Communications Inc, a strategic partner of the leading Ghost CEO program in development for professional and business women. Felicia is skilled in creative problem solving, and has a natural ability in inspiring her clients to take their business and professional development to the next level. Her experience includes building and bringing new services and products into markets, developing business opportunities for entrepreneurs, creating networks and connections for entrepreneurs, and being a mother to two amazing daughters. She holds an Electrical Engineering degree and an MBA from the University of British Columbia.

  • Oma Edoja

    Great post, Felicia!

    As a coach I can see how people start off as dreamers while the coach facilitates the realist in them. At the same time, the coach helps to keep their dreams alive, protecting them from all the critics in their lives. Interesting! Indeed, everyone needs a coach!

  • FeliciaLee

    Hi Oma

    Definitely! The coach can also be the dreamer or the critic, depending on what the client needs to move forward on their goals. Thanks for your comment!